50 Most Popular Books on Product Hunt

1. Hooked (Upvoted 1631 times) A book on how to build habit-forming products 2. Hacking Growth (Upvoted 1311 times) The definitive playbook for growing your business 3. Zero To One (Upvoted 1297 times) Peter Thiel’s new book on Startups 4. Elon Musk Biography by Ashlee Vance (Upvoted 1115 times)… Read More ›

Best Do-It-Yourself Books

32 Books Picked by Markham Public Library Staff Geek Mom: Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st Century Families Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know : Instructions for Life From the Everyday to the Exotic by Fagerstrom, Derek… Read More ›