Top 30 Image-Processing books

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1. Purely Functional Data Structures

2. Learning OpenCV

3. Programming WCF Services

4. Computer Graphics

5. Digital Image Processing

6. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

7. Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision

8. Compressed Image File Formats

9. Pattern classification

10. OpenGL Programming Guide

11. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

12. Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics

13. Inner Loops

14. Computer Vision

15. Computational Geometry in C

16. Computational Geometry

17. Character Recognition Systems

18. Image Processing and Analysis

19. Programming with the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit

20. Semiology of Graphics

21. Digital Image Processing

22. Digital Image Processing

23. The Image Processing Handbook, Fourth Edition

24. Digital image warping

25. Pro Android Augmented Reality

26. Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

27. Computational Geometry of Surfaces and Its Application to the Finite Element Analysis of Shells

28. Data mining

29. Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB

30. Computer Vision


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