The 270 best crime books and thrillers of all time

  1. Secret Place, The by French, Tana
  2. Laughing Monsters, The by Johnson, Denis
  3. Long Way Home, The by Penny, Louise
  4. After I’m Gone by Lippman, Laura
  5. I Am Pilgrim by Hayes, Terry
  6. Mr. Mercedes by King, Stephen
  7. Natchez Burning by Iles, Greg
  8. Elizabeth Is Missing by Healey, Emma
  9. Silkworm, The by Galbraith, Robert
  10. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Shafer, David
  11. Son, The by Nesbø, Jo
  12. Black Hour, The by Rader-Day, Lori
  13. Black-Eyed Blonde, The by Black, Benjamin
  14. One Kick by Cain, Chelsea
  15. Perfidia by Ellroy, James
  16. Shovel Ready by Sternbergh, Adam
  17. Those who Wish Me Dead by Koryta, Michael
  18. Farm, The by Smith, Tom Rob
  19. Monogram Murders, The by Hannah, Sophie
  20. Personal by Child, Lee
  21. White Van, The by Hoffman, Patrick
  22. Bad Country by McKenzie, C. B.
  23. Burning Room, The by Connelly, Michael
  24. Cop Town by Slaughter, Karin
  25. Drop, The by Lehane, Dennis
  26. Dry Bones in the Valley by Bouman, Tom
  27. Ghost Month by Lin, Ed
  28. Girl with a Clock for a Heart, The by Swanson, Peter
  29. Gray Mountain by Grisham, John
  30. Invisible City by Dahl, Julia
  31. Life We Bury, The by Eskens, Allen
  32. Weight of Blood, The by McHugh, Laura
  33. Black Rock by McFetridge, John
  34. Circle of Wives, A by LaPlante, Alice
  35. Cold Song, The by Ullmann, Linn
  36. Devil in the Marshalsea, The by Hodgson, Antonia
  37. Final Silence, The by Neville, Stuart
  38. Gangsterland by Goldberg, Tod
  39. Good Girl, The by Kubica, Mary
  40. Hollow Girl, The by Coleman, Reed Farrel
  41. Ice Shear by Cooley, M. P.
  42. Killer Next Door, The by Marwood, Alex
  43. Last Winter, We Parted by Nakamura, Fuminori
  44. Night Heron by Brookes, Adam
  45. Ploughmen, The by Zupan, Kim
  46. Stay with Me by Gaylin, Alison
  47. Stinking Rich by Brunet, Rob
  48. Swollen Red Sun, A by McBride, Matthew
  49. Wolf by Hayder, Mo
  50. Wolf in Winter, The by Connolly, John
  51. Axeman’s Jazz, The by Celestin, Ray
  52. Bones Beneath, The by Billingham, Mark
  53. Bravo by Rucka, Greg
  54. Children of the Revolution by Robinson, Peter
  55. Cold Storage, Alaska by Straley, John
  56. Dear Daughter by Little, Elizabeth
  57. Die Again by Gerritsen, Tess
  58. Easy Death by Boyd, Daniel
  59. Eat What You Kill by Scofield, Ted
  60. Federales by Irvin, Chris
  61. Flesh and Blood by Cornwell, Patricia
  62. For the Dead by Hallinan, Timothy
  63. Forgers, The by Morrow, Bradford
  64. Good Life, The by Wheeler, Frank, Jr.
  65. Good, the Bad, and the Emus, The by Andrews, Donna
  66. In the Blood by Unger, Lisa
  67. Lamentation by Clifford, Joe
  68. Last Death of Jack Harbin, The by Shames, Terry
  69. Last of the Independents by Wiebe, Sam
  70. Laws of Murder, The by Finch, Charles
  71. Mean Streak by Brown, Sandra
  72. Midnight Plan of the Repo Man, The by Cameron, W. Bruce
  73. Missing You by Coben, Harlan
  74. Murder at the Brightwell by Weaver, Ashley
  75. Plaster City by Shaw, Johnny
  76. Poor Boy’s Game, The by Tafoya, Dennis
  77. Queen of Hearts by Bowen, Rhys
  78. Red Road, The by Mina, Denise
  79. Rose Gold by Mosley, Walter
  80. Runner, The by Lee, Patrick
  81. Saints of New York by Ellory, R. J.
  82. Saints of the Shadow Bible by Rankin, Ian
  83. Secret History of Las Vegas, The by Abani, Chris
  84. Sixth Extinction, The by Rollins, James
  85. Strange Shores by Indridason, Arnaldur
  86. Tabula Rasa by Downie, Ruth
  87. Truth Be Told by Ryan, Hank Phillippi
  88. Young God by Morris, Katherine Faw
  89. Accident, The by Pavone, Chris
  90. Act of War by Thor, Brad
  91. American Mission, The by Palmer, Matthew
  92. Angel of the Abyss by Kurtz, Ed
  93. Antiquarian, The by Faverón Patriau, Gustavo
  94. Avenue of the Giants, The by Dugain, Marc
  95. Back Channel by Carter, Stephen L.
  96. Bagmen by Lashner, William
  97. Barkeep, The by Lashner, William
  98. Beat Goes On, The by Rankin, Ian
  99. Betrayed by Scottoline, Lisa
  100. Big Ugly, The by Hinkson, Jake
  101. Bite Harder by Anonymous-9
  102. Black Lotus by K’wan
  103. Blade of the Samurai by Spann, Susan
  104. Blessed Are the Dead by Belcamino, Kristi
  105. Blood Always Tells by Davidson, Hilary
  106. Blood Promise, The by Pryor, Mark
  107. Blue Is the Night by McNamee, Eoin
  108. Blue Labyrinth by Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln
  109. Bone Dust White by Salvalaggio, Karen
  110. Borderline by Block, Lawrence
  111. Boy who Killed Demons, The by Zeltserman, Dave
  112. Brainquake by Fuller, Samuel
  113. Broadchurch by Kelly, Erin
  114. Butcher, The by Hillier, Jennifer
  115. Cairo Affair, The by Steinhauer, Olen
  116. Care and Management of Lies, The by Winspear, Jacqueline
  117. Caretakers by Sheffield, Jamie
  118. Chance by Nunn, Kem
  119. Circle of Influence by Dashofy, Annette
  120. Code of the Hills, The by Allen, Nancy
  121. Confession by Baldwin, Carey
  122. Contractors, The by Hunsicker, Harry
  123. Cost of Doing Business, The by Ashley, Jonathan
  124. Cup of Blood by Westerson, Jeri
  125. Dark and Twisted Tide, A by Bolton, S. J.
  126. Darkness, Darkness by Harvey, John
  127. Day She Died, The by McPherson, Catriona
  128. Days of Rage by Taylor, Brad
  129. Dead in Their Vaulted Arches, The by Bradley, Alan
  130. Dead to Me by Staincliffe, Cath
  131. Dead Will Tell, The by Castillo, Linda
  132. Deadly Bonds by Sellers, L. J.
  133. Decoded by Mai, Jia
  134. Deep Winter by Gailey, Samuel W.
  135. Demon Summer, A by Malliet, G. M.
  136. Derek Smith Omnibus, The by Smith, Derek Howe
  137. Designated Daughters by Maron, Margaret
  138. Desperate by Palmer, Daniel
  139. Destroyer Angel by Barr, Nevada
  140. Directive, The by Quirk, Matthew
  141. Director, The by Ignatius, David
  142. Distance, The by Giltrow, Helen
  143. Don’t Look Back by Hurwitz, Gregg
  144. Duke City Split by Austin, Max
  145. Dying for a Dude by Sample, Cindy
  146. Elective Procedures by Jones, Merry
  147. Endangered by Cush, Jean Love
  148. Event in Autumn, An by Mankell, Henning
  149. Eyes Closed Tight by Leonard, Peter
  150. Faceoff by Baldacci, David, ed.
  151. Family Hightower, The by Slattery, Brian Francis
  152. Fear Nothing by Gardner, Lisa
  153. Festive in Death by Robb, J. D.
  154. Fifty Mice by Pyne, Daniel
  155. Final Catcall by Kelly, Sofie
  156. Finding Sky by O’Brien, Susan
  157. Fix, The by Lowe, Steve
  158. Forsaken, The by Atkins, Ace
  159. Forty-Two, The by Kurtz, Ed
  160. From the Charred Remains by Calkins, Susanna
  161. Get Blank by Robinson, Justin
  162. Ghost Runner, The by Bilal, Parker
  163. Girl next Door, The by Rendell, Barbara
  164. Glass Houses by Nolan, Terri
  165. Gone Dead Train, The by Turner, Lisa
  166. Grave Matter, A by Huber, Anna Lee
  167. Guillotine Choice, The by Malone, Michael J.
  168. Guns by Myers, Josh
  169. Half World by O’Connor, Scott
  170. Head of State by Marr, Andrew
  171. Heist, The by Silva, Daniel
  172. Herbie’s Game by Hallinan, Timothy
  173. Hold the Dark by Girardi, William
  174. House Reckoning by Lawson, Mike
  175. Hunting Shadows by Todd, Charles
  176. Hustle by Pitts, Tom
  177. I Can See in the Dark by Fossum, Karin
  178. I Remember You by Sigurdardottir, Yrsa
  179. In the Company of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon by King, Laurie R. & Klinger, Leslie S., eds.
  180. In the Morning, I’ll Be Gone by McKinty, Adrian
  181. Indefensible by Goodman, Lee
  182. Innocent Blood by Rollins, James & Cantrell, Rebecca
  183. Innocent Sleep, The by Perry, Karen
  184. Intern’s Handbook, The by Kuhn, Shane
  185. Iron Sickle, The by Límon, Martin
  186. Jack of Spies by Downing, David
  187. January Thaw by Lourey, Jess
  188. Kill Fee by Laukkanen, Owen
  189. Kill Order, The by Burcell, Robin
  190. Kilmoon by Alber, Lisa
  191. Laidlaw by McIlvanney, William
  192. Last Dead Girl, The by Dolan, Harry
  193. Lewis Man, The by May, Peter
  194. Lincoln Myth, The by Berry, Steve
  195. Long Lost Dog of It, The by Kazepis, Michael
  196. Long Way Home by Dolan, Eva
  197. Lost Key, The by Coulter, Catherine & Ellison, J.T.
  198. Madness of July, The by Naughtie, James
  199. Mangle Street Murders, The by Kasasian, M. R. C.
  200. Marco Effect, The by Adler-Olsen, Jussi
  201. Mean Business on North Ganson Street by Zahler, S. Craig
  202. Memory of Flames by Cabasson, Armand
  203. Mistress of Fortune by West, Holly
  204. Moving Day by Stone, Jonathan
  205. Mr. Campion’s Farewell by Allingham, Margery & Ripley, Mike
  206. Murder in Murray Hill by Thompson, Victoria
  207. Murder in Pigalle by Black, Cara
  208. Murder in the Afternoon by Brody, Frances
  209. Murder Strikes a Pose by Weber, Tracy
  210. Nazis in the Metro by Daeninckx, Didier
  211. Nine Days by Koenig, Minerva
  212. North of Boston by Elo, Elizabeth
  213. Notorious by Brennan, Allison
  214. One to Go by Pace, Mike
  215. Peter Pan Must Die by Verdon, John
  216. Phantom Instinct by Gardiner, Meg
  217. Pirate Vishnu by Pandian, Gigi
  218. Present Darkness by Nunn, Malla
  219. Providence Rag by DeSilva, Bruce
  220. Reckless Disregard by Rotstein, Robert
  221. Reckoning, The by Airth, Rennie
  222. Reconstructing Amelia by McCreight, Kimberly
  223. Repo Shark by Goodfellow, Cody
  224. Rest Is Silence, The by Benn, James R.
  225. Ruin Falls by Milchman, Jenny
  226. Run by Grant, Andrew
  227. Scandal in Skibbereen by Connolly, Sheila
  228. Scent of New Death, The by Monson, Mike
  229. She’s Leaving Home by Shaw, William
  230. Sins of Our Fathers by Otto, Shawn Lawrence
  231. Smoke River by Foss, Krista
  232. Some Dead Genius by Kleinfeld, Lenny
  233. Someone Else’s Skin by Hilary, Sarah
  234. Sometimes the Wolf by Waite, Urban
  235. Soul of the Fire by Pattison, Eliot
  236. Sting of the Drone by Clarke, Richard A.
  237. Stolen Ones, The by Montanari, Richard
  238. Stone Cold by Box, C. J.
  239. Story Keeper, The by Wingate, Lisa
  240. Stranger You Know, The by Casey, Jane
  241. Suede to Rest by Vallere, Diane
  242. Summer of the Dead by Keller, Julia
  243. Sun Is God, The by McKinty, Adrian
  244. Suspicion by Finder, Joseph
  245. Sweetness of Life, The by Hochgatterer, Paulus
  246. Tagged for Death by Harris, Sherry
  247. Tailing a Tabby by Cass, Laurie
  248. Target, The by Baldacci, David
  249. Taste Fur Murder, A by Lyle, Dixie
  250. Ten Count, The by Schreck, Tom
  251. Tenth Circle, The by Land, Jon
  252. Third Rail by Flynn, Rory
  253. This Private Plot by Beechey, Alan
  254. Three, The by Lotz, Sarah
  255. Top Secret Twenty-One by Evanovich, Janet
  256. Trouble in the Heartland: Crime Fiction Based on the Songs of Bruce Springsteen by Clifford, Joe, ed.
  257. Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair, The by Dicker, Joel
  258. Under a Silent Moon by Haynes, Elizabeth
  259. Until You’re Mine by Hayes, Samantha
  260. Unwilling Accomplice, An by Todd, Charles
  261. Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Thomas, Rob & Graham, Jennifer
  262. Walt by Wangersky, Russell
  263. Water Rat of Wanchai, The by Hamilton, Ian
  264. Ways of the Dead, The by Tucker, Neely
  265. Well Read, then Dead by Farley, Terrie
  266. Whiskey Baron, The by Sealy, Jon
  267. Who Bombed the Train? by Borger, Judith Yates
  268. Wicked, The by Nicholas, Douglas
  269. Windigo Island by Krueger, William Kent
  270. Worthy Brown’s Daughter by Margolin, Philip
  271. Wouldn’t It Be Deadly by Ireland, D. E.
  272. You Know Who Killed Me by Estleman, Loren

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