The 100 best and most popular books written about the Titanic.

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning hours of 15 April 1912, after it collided with an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

1. A Night to Remember by Walter Lord (Amazon)

2. Titanic: an Illustrated History by Don Lynch (Amazon)

3. The Night Lives On by Walter Lord (Amazon)

4. Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, R.M.S. Titanic, 1912 by Ellen Emerson White (Amazon)

5. The Discovery of the Titanic by Robert D. Ballard (Amazon)

6. Titanic Survivor: The Newly Discovered Memoirs of Violet Jessop Who Survived Both the Titanic and Britannic Disasters by Violet Jessop (Amazon)

7. Titanic: The Long Night by Diane Hoh (Amazon)

8. The Watch That Ends the Night by Allan Wolf (Amazon)

9. Distant Waves by Suzanne Weyn (Amazon)

10. Titanic: A Survivor’s Story by Archibald Gracie (Amazon)

11. 882 1/2 Amazing Answers to Your Questions About the Titanic by Hugh Brewster (Amazon)

12. Her Name, Titanic by Charles Pellegrino (Amazon)

13. Unsinkable: The Full Story Of The RMS Titanic by Daniel Allen Butler (Amazon)

14. Polar: The Titanic Bear by Daisy Corning Stone Spedden (Amazon)

15. Ken Marschall’s Art of the Titanic by Ken Marschall (Amazon)

16. Raise the Titanic! (Dirk Pitt, #4) by Clive Cussler (Amazon)

17. Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy by John P. Eaton (Amazon)

18. How to Survive the Titanic: or, The Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay by Frances Wilson (Amazon)

19. The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor (Amazon)

20. Titanic (Magic Tree House Research Guide, #7) by Will Osborne (Amazon)

21. Ghosts I Have Been (Blossom Culp, #2) by Richard Peck (Amazon)

22. Down with the Old Canoe: A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster by Steven Biel (Amazon)

23. The Story of the Titanic As Told by Its Survivors by Jack Winocour (Amazon)

24. The Titanic: End of a Dream by Wyn Craig Wade (Amazon)

25. Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived. by Andrew Wilson by Andrew Wilson (Amazon)

26. Titanic: Destination Disaster : The Legends and the Reality by John P. Eaton (Amazon)

27. Ghosts of the Titanic by Charles Pellegrino (Amazon)

28. Return to Titanic by Robert D. Ballard (Amazon)

29. The Titanic Disaster Hearings: The Official Transcripts of the 1912 Senate Investigation by Tom Kuntz (Amazon)

30. Ghosts of the Abyss: A Journey Into The Heart of the Titanic by Don Lynch (Amazon)

31. Thomas Andrews, Shipbuilder by Shan F. Bullock (Amazon)

32. Titanic: Fortune and Fate : Letters, Mementos, and Personal Effects from Those Who Sailed on the Lost Ship by Mariners’ Museum (Amazon)

33. Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic by Gill Paul (Amazon)

34. The Man Who Sank Titanic: The Troubled Life of Quartermaster Robert Hichens by Sally Nilsson (Amazon)

35. Titanic Crossing by Barbara Williams (Amazon)

36. Titanic, First Accounts by Tim Maltin (Amazon)

37. James Cameron’s Titanic by Ed W. Marsh (Amazon)

38. Maiden Voyage by Cynthia Bass (Amazon)

39. Every Man for Himself by Beryl Bainbridge (Amazon)

40. Last Dinner On the Titanic: Menus and Recipes From the Great Liner by Rick Archbold (Amazon)

41. Titanic: Legacy of the World’s Greatest Ocean Liner by Susan Wels (Amazon)

42. The Band That Played On: The Extraordinary Story of the 8 Musicians Who Went Down with the Titanic by Steve Turner (Amazon)

43. Titanic: Women and Children First by Judith B. Geller (Amazon)

44. Titanic: A Journey Through Time by John P. Eaton (Amazon)

45. The Maiden Voyage: A Complete And Documented Account Of The ‘Titanic’ Disaster by Geoffrey Jules Marcus (Amazon)

46. Titanic’s Last Secrets by Bradford Matsen (Amazon)

47. The Complete Titanic: From The Ship’s Earliest Blueprints To The Epic Film by Stephen J. Spignesi (Amazon)

48. The Midnight Watch: A Novel of the Titanic and the Californian by David Dyer (Amazon)

49. Lost Voices From the Titanic: The Definitive Oral History by Nick Barratt (Amazon)

50. Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage: The Titanic’s First-Class Passengers and Their World by Hugh Brewster (Amazon)

51. Titanic: A Night Remembered by Stephanie Barczewski (Amazon)

52. Psalm at Journey’s End by Erik Fosnes Hansen (Amazon)

53. A Titanic Journey Across the Sea, 1912 (American Sisters, #9) by Laurie Lawlor (Amazon)

54. The Titanic: Lost and Found by Judy Donnelly (Amazon)

55. On a Sea of Glass: The Life and Loss of the RMS Titanic by Tad Fitch (Amazon)

56. Passage by Connie Willis (Amazon)

57. Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House, #17) by Mary Pope Osborne (Amazon)

58. Fateful by Claudia Gray (Amazon)

59. No Greater Love by Danielle Steel (Amazon)

60. Report into the Loss of the SS Titanic: A Centennial Reappraisal by Sam Halpern (Amazon)

61. Molly Brown: Unraveling the Myth by Kristen Iversen (Amazon)

62. Farewell, Titanic: Her Final Legacy by Charles Pellegrino (Amazon)

63. Titanic Voices: Memories from the Fateful Voyage by Donald Hyslop (Amazon)

64. Father Browne’s Titanic Album: A Passenger’s Photographs and Personal Memoir by E.E. O’Donnell (Amazon)

65. What Really Sank the Titanic by Jennifer Hooper McCarty (Amazon)

66. Titanic: Belfast’s Own by Stephen Cameron (Amazon)

67. Titanic: Victims Villains by Senan Molony (Amazon)

68. And the Band Played On: The Titanic Violinist & the Glovemaker: A True Story of Love, Loss & Betrayal by Christopher Ward (Amazon)

69. Forget me not: The Story of One Family’s Voyage on the Titanic by Sue Lawson (Amazon)

70. The Master’s Tale by Ann Victoria Roberts (Amazon)

71. Exploring Titanic: The Expeditions of James Cameron by James Cameron (Amazon)

72. The Last Titanic Story by Chris Angus (Amazon)

73. Nicole (Sunfire, #19) by Candice Ransom (Amazon)

74. Titanic — Sobre o Oceano da História by Marina Tavares Dias (Amazon)

75. A Matter of Time by Michael J. Bowler (Amazon)

76. The RMS Titanic Miscellany by John D.T. White (Amazon)

77. 12 Titanic Lessons for Christians: Lessons to Motivate, Challenge and Empower by Charles C. Hagan Jr. (Amazon)

78. Titanic Style: Dress and Fashion on the Voyage by Grace Evans (Amazon)

79. S.O.S. Titanic by Eve Bunting (Amazon)

80. Lost Liners: From the Titanic to the Andrea Doria the Ocean Floor Reveals Its Greatest Lost Ships by Robert D. Ballard (Amazon)

81. Titanic: James Cameron’s Illustrated Screenplay by James Cameron (Amazon)

82. The Midnight Watch: A Novel of the Titanic and the Californian by David Dyer (Amazon)

83. From Time to Time (Time, #2) by Jack Finney (Amazon)

84. Titanic (Survival!, #1) by Kathleen Duey (Amazon)

85. Something’s Alive on the Titanic by Robert J. Serling (Amazon)

86. Titanic: Minute by Minute by Jonathan Mayo (Amazon)

87. Titanic and Liverpool by Alan Scarth (Amazon)

88. Titanicat by Marty Crisp (Amazon)

89. Titanic: Voices From the Disaster by Deborah Hopkinson (Amazon)

90. Titanic: The Ship Magnificent: Volumes 1 2 by Bruce Beveridge (Amazon)

91. The Loss of the S.S. Titanic: Its Story and Its Lessons by Lawrence Beesley (Amazon)

92. Terror on the Titanic (Choose Your Own Adventure, #169) by Jim Wallace (Amazon)

93. Titanic or Olympic: Which Ship Sank? by Bruce Beveridge (Amazon)

94. All About History Book of the Titanic by Imagine Publishing (Amazon)

95. Titanic: Psychic Forewarnings Of A Tragedy by George Behe (Amazon)

96. Ghosts of the Titanic by Julie Lawson (Amazon)

97. The Ship That Stood Still: The Californian and Her Mysterious Role in the Titanic Disaster by Leslie Reade (Amazon)

98. That Fatal Night: The Titanic Diary of Dorothy Wilton by Sarah Ellis (Amazon)

99. S.O.S. Titanic by Eve Bunting (Amazon)

100. The Rough Guide to the Titanic by Greg Ward (Amazon)

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