List of All Books in the Armed Services Editions

Armed Services Editions (ASEs) were small, compact, paperback books printed by the Council on Books in Wartime for distribution within the American military during World War II. This program was in effect from 1943 to 1946. The ASEs were designed to provide entertainment to soldiers serving overseas, while also educating them about political, historical, and military issues. The slogan of the Council on Books in Wartime was, “Books are weapons in the war of ideas.”

A-01 The Education of Hyman Kaplan by Ross, Leonard Q.

A-02 Report from Tokyo by Grew, Joseph C.

A-03 Good Intentions by Nash, Ogden

A-04 Mama’s Bank Account by Forbes, Kathryn

A-05 There Go the Ships by Carse, Robert

A-06 Sophie Halenczik, American by Feld, Rose C.

A-07 Mr. Winkle Goes to War by Pratt, Theodore

A-08 Oliver Twist by Dickens, Charles

A-09 Tortilla Flat by Steinbeck, John

A-10 World Series by Tunis, John R.

A-11 My World and Welcome to It by Thurber, James

A-12 Peace Marshal by Gruber, Frank

A-13 Heathen Days by Mencken, Elliott

A-14 The Ship by Forester, C. S.

A-15 The Human Comedy by Saroyan, William

A-16 Wind, Sand, and Stars by De Saint-Exupery, Antoine

A-17 The Making of Modern Britain by Nevins, Allan & Brebner, B. J.

A-18 The Arabs by Hitti, Philip K.

A-19 The Unvanquished by Fast, Howard

A-20 Miracles of Military Medicine by Maisel, Albert Q.

A-21 A Time for Greatness by Agar, Herbert

A-22 The Ministry of Fear by Greene, Graham

A-23 Happy Landings by Herzberg/Paine/Works (ed.)

A-24 Typee by Melville, Herman

A-25 George Washington Carver by Holt, Rackham

A-26 Lord Jim by Conrad, Joseph

A-27 Storm over the Land by Sandberg, Carl

A-28 Action at Aquila by Allen, Hervey

A-29 Reprisal by Stone, Grace A. (Ethel Vance)

A-30 The Fireside Book of Dog Stories by Goodman, Jack

B-31 Let the Hurricane Roar by Lane, Rose Wilder

B-32 Dynamite Cargo by Herman, Fred

B-33 Come In by Frost, Robert

B-34 Ethan Frome by Wharton, Edith

B-35 Suds in Your Eye by Lasswell, Mary

B-36 Fight for Power Valley! by Field, Peter

B-37 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay by Kimbrough, E. & Cornelia, O.

B-38 Gentle Annie by Kantor, MacKinlay

B-39 Benchley, beside Himself by Benchley, Robert

B-40 To Walk the Night by Sloane, William

B-41 The Gaunt Woman by Gilligan, Edmund

B-42 Winter Range by LeMay, Alan

B-43 Painted Buttes by Gooden, Arthur Henry

B-44 Chicken Every Sunday by Taylor, Rosemary

B-45 Father and Glorious Descendant by Lowe, Q. Pardee

B-46 Life in a Putty Knife Factory by Smith, H. Allen

B-47 Lightship by Binns, Archie

B-48 Get Thee Behind Me by Spence, Hartzell

B-49 My Friend Flicka by O’Hara, Mary

B-50 Moscow Dateline by Cassidy, Henry C.

B-51 The Uninvited by Macardle, Dorothy

B-52 Rome Haul by Edmonds, Walter D.

B-53 Powder River by Burt, Struthers

B-54 The Native’s Return by Adamic, Louis

B-55 The Yearling by Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan

B-56 Hostages by Heym, Stefan

B-57 Good Neighbors by Herring, Hubert

B-58 Klondike Mike by Denison, Merrill

B-59 Delilah by Goodrich, Marcus

B-60 Arctic Adventure by Freuchen, Peter

C-61 North Africa by Brodrick, Alan H.

C-62 The Sea of Grass by Richter, Conrad

C-63 The Mind in the Making by Robinson, James Harvey

C-64 Candide by Voltaire

C-65 The Forest by White, Stewart Edward

C-66 Pistols for Hire by Nye, Nelson C.

C-67 Seven Men by Beerbohm, Max

C-68 Swamp Water by Bell, Vereen

C-69 Courtney, Charles by Unlocking Adventure

C-70 Penrod by Tarkington, Booth

C-71 Green Mansions by Hudson, W. H.

C-72 Hopalong Cassidy Serves a Writ by Mulford, Clarence E.

C-73 U.S. Foreign Policy by Lippmann, Walter

C-74 Star Spangled Virgin by Heyward, Du Bose

C-75 Black-Out in Gretlet by Priestley, J. B.

C-76 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Twain, Mark

C-77 Short Stories by Benet, Stephen Vincent

C-78 Miracle in Hellas by Wason, Betty

C-79 Fathoms Below by Meier, Frank

C-80 Australian Frontier by Hill, Ernestine

C-81 Storm by Steward, George R.

C-82 Kabloona by De Poncins, Gontran

C-83 The Forest and the Fort by Allen, Hervey

C-84 The Hawkeye by Quick, Herbert

C-85 . . . . And a Few Marines by Thomason, Col. John W., Jr.

C-86 Starbuck by Selby, John

C-87 Great Smith by Marshall, Edison

C-88 Paul Revere by Forbes, Esther

C-89 Coronet by Komroff, Manuel

C-90 The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, John

D-091 The Story of Dr. Wassell by Hilton, James

D-092 Love at First Flight by Spalding, C. & Carney, Otis

D-093 Blazed Trail Stories by White, Stewart Edward

D-094 Tumbling River Range by Tuttle, W. C.

D-095 Colonel Effingham’s Raid by Fleming, Berry

D-096 Without Orders by Albrand, Martha

D-097 Death Comes for the Archbishop by Cather, Willa

D-098 The Trees by Richter, Conrad

D-099 The Night of the Summer Solstice by Van Doren, Mark (ed.)

D-100 Valley of the Sun by Kelland, Clarence Budington

D-101 Evidence of Things Seen by Daly, Elizabeth

D-102 Java Head by Hergesheimer, Joseph

D-103 Mystery Ship by Bryan, George S.

D-104 Burma Surgeon by Seagrave, Gordon S.

D-105 On Being a Real Person by Fosdick, Harry Emerson

D-106 Rats, Lice, and History by Zinsser, Hans

D-107 R.F.D. by Smart, Charles Allen

D-108 McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon by Mitchell, Joseph

D-109 Country Lawyer by Partridge, Bellamy

D-110 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Twain, Mark

D-111 Blanche Fury by Shearing, Joseph

D-112 Cross Creek by Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan

D-113 The Keys of the Kingdom by Cronin, A. J.

D-114 We Cannot Escape History by Whitaker, John T.

D-115 Slim by Haines, William Wister

D-116 The Best American Short Stories of 1942 by Foley, Martha (ed.)

D-117 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Smith, Betty

D-118 The Robe by Douglas, Lloyd C.

D-119 Rivers of Glory by Mason, F. Van Wyck

D-120 So Little Time by Marquand, John P.

E-121 States Fair by Stong, Phil

E-122 Seven Assays by Emerson, Ralph Waldo

E-123 Ghost Trails by Tuttle, W. C.

E-124 The Range Hawk by Gooden, Arthur Henry

E-125 The Mountain Divide by Spearman, Frank

E-126 A Sense of Humus by Damon, Bertha

E-127 Bushido by Pernikoff, Alexander

E-128 The Moon and Sixpence by Maugham, W. Somerset

E-129 Saddle and Ride by Haycox, Ernest

E-130 Seven Keys to Baldpate by Biggers, Earl Derr

E-131 Science Yearbook of 1943 by Ratcliff, John D.

E-132 Green Hall by Duguid, Julian

E-133 Ship of the Line by Forester, C. S.

E-134 Ordeal by Hunger by Stewart, George R.

E-135 The Gambler Takes a Wife by Brinig, Myron

E-136 Stories for Men by Grayson, Charles

E-137 Jamaica Inn by Du Maurier, Daphne

E-138 Random Harvest by Hilton, James

E-139 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Twain, Mark

E-140 Cimarron by Ferber, Edna

E-141 I Married Adventure by Johnson, Osa

E-142 Windswept by Chase, Mary Ellen

E-143 Roughly Speaking by Pierson, Louise Randall

E-144 Hell on Ice by Ellberg, Comdr Edward

E-145 Doctors on Horseback by Flexner, James Thomas

E-146 The Late George Apley by Marquand, John P.

E-147 Selected Short Stories by Crane, Stephen

E-148 One Man’s West by Lavender, David

E-149 Drums along the Mohawk by Edmonds, Walter D.

E-150 King’s Row by Bellamann, Henry

F-151 Messer Marco Polo by Byrne, Donn

F-152 Night Flight by De Saint-Exupery, Antoine

F-153 Selected Writings by Lincoln, Abraham

F-154 Vandercook, John W. by Black Majesty

F-155 Going Fishing by Farson, Negley

F-156 Lassie Come Home by Knight, Eric

F-157 Flying Colours by Forester, C.S.

F-158 Clear the Tracks! by Bromley, Joseph

F-159 Happy Days by Mencken, Elliott

F-160 Border Breed by Raine, William MacLeod

F-161 Jungle Peace by Beede, William

F-162 Selected Short Stories by Harte, Bret

F-163 The Bar 20 Rides Again by Mulford, Clarence E.

F-164 The Border Trumpet by Haycox, Ernest

F-165 So Big by Ferber, Edna

F-166 West with the Night by Markham, Beryl

F-167 Land below the Wind by Keith, Agnes Newton

F-168 Under a Lucky Star by Andrews, Roy Chapman

F-169 The Horse and Buggy Doctor by Hertzler, Arthur E.

F-170 Here Is Your War by Pyle, Ernie

F-171 The Blazed Trail by White, Stewart Edward

F-172 Round Up by Lardner, Ring

F-173 Old Jules by Sandoz, Marl

F-174 Life on the Mississippi by Twain, Mark

F-175 The Essays by Lamb, Charles

F-176 Subtreasury of American Humor by White, E. B. & White, K. S.

F-177 Wellington by Guedalla, Philip

F-178 Casuals of the Sea by McFee, William

F-179 Dr. Dogbody’s Leg by Hall, James Norman

F-180 The Sea Wolf by London, Jack

G-181 The Glorious Pool by Smith, Thorne

G-182 White Fang by London, Jack

G-183 Low Man on a Totem Pole by Smith, H. Allen

G-184 Trail’s End by Raine, William MacLeod

G-185 My Antonia by Cather, Willa

G-186 Long, Long Ago by Woollcott, Alexander

G-187 Sam Small Flies Again by Knight, Eric

G-188 Taps for Private Tussie by Stuart, Jessie

G-189 W. Kamongo by Smith, Homer

G-190 The Trusty Knaves by Rhodes, Eugene Manlove

G-191 Little Caesar by Burnett, W.R.

G-192 Inside Benchley by Benchley, Robert

G-193 How to Think Straight by Thouless, Robert H.

G-194 The Mirror of the Sea by Conrad, Joseph

G-195 Raiders of the Rimrock by Short, Luke

G-196 A Crystal Age by Hudson, W. H.

G-197 Laugh with Leacock by Leacock, Stephen

G-198 Kim by Kipling, Rudyard

G-199 Journey into America by Peattie, Donald Culross

G-200 As the Earth Turns by Carroll, Gladys Hasty

G-201 Young Man of Caracas by Ybarra, T. R.

G-202 Arouse and Beware by Kantor, MacKinlay

G-203 This Chemical Age by Haynes, Williams

G-204 Thunderhead by O’Hara, Mary

G-205 The Fleet in the Forest by Lane, Carl D.

G-206 The Best American Short Stories of 1943 by Foley, Martha (ed.)

G-207 Rogue’s Company by Kroll, Harry Harrison

G-208 H. M. Pulham, Esq. by Marquand, John P.

G-209 Moby Dick by Melville, Herman

G-210 East of the Giants by Stewart, George R.

H-211 C/O Postmaster by St. George, Cpl. Thomas R.

H-212 Beyond the Desert by Rhodes, Eugene Manlove

H-213 Payment Deferred by Forester, C.S.

H-214 Buried Alive by Bennet, Arnold

H-215 Western Star by Benet, Stephen Vincent

H-216 Laughing Boy by La Farge, Oliver

H-217 The Republic of Plato by Richards, I. A. (ed.)

H-218 Forward the Nation by Peattie, Donald Culross

H-219 Three Times I Bow by Glick, Carl

H-220 Night over Fitch’s Pond by Jarrett, Cora

H-221 The Cruise of the Snark by London, Jack

H-222 Riders of the Night by Cunningham, Eugene

H-223 Danger in the Cards by MacDonald, Michael

H-224 Burning an Empire by Holbrook, Steward H.

H-225 Animal Reveille by Dempewolff, Richard

H-226 Red Raskall by McMeekin, Clark

H-227 Corson of the JC by Mulford, Clarence E.

H-228 Captain Caution by Roberts, Kenneth

H-229 The Cold Journey by Stone, Grace A. (Ethel Vance)

H-230 The Bishop’s Jaegers by Smith, Thorne

H-231 Innocent Merriment by Adams, Franklin P. (ed.)

H-232 Carman of the Rancho by Spearman, Frank

H-233 Cardigan by Chambers, Robert W.

H-234 Box Office by Barrows, M. & Eaton, G.

H-235 The Pacific Ocean by Riesenberg, Felix

H-236 The Travels of Marco Polo by Komroff, Manuel

H-237 The Ringed Horizon by Gilligan, Edmund

H-238 Botany Bay by Nordhoff, Charles & Hall, J. N.

H-239 How Green Was My Valley by Llewellyn, Richard

H-240 Chad Hanna by Edmonds, Walter D.

I-241 Avalanche by Boyle, Kay

I-242 Semper Fidelis by Ayling, Keith

I-243 Mr. and Mrs. Cugat by Rorick, Isabel Scott

I-244 Ol’ Man Adam an’ His Chillun by Bradford, Roark

I-245 The Mystery of the Red Triangle by Tuttle, W. C.

I-246 We Followed Our Hearts to Hollywood by Kimbrough, Emily

I-247 Deserts on the March by Sears, Paul B.

I-248 Rouge Male by Household, Geoffrey

I-249 High Tension by Haines, William Wister

I-250 The Book Nobody Knows by Barton, Bruce

I-251 Stagecoach Kingdom by Drago, Harry Sinclair

I-252 Selected Short Stories by Mansfield, Katherine

I-253 The Middle-Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze by Thurber, James

I-254 Deep West by Haycox, Ernest

I-255 Arizona by Kelland, Clarence Budington

I-256 Cow by the Tail by Benton, Jesse James

I-257 Hopalong Cassidy’s Protege by Mulford, Clarence E.

I-258 Coast Guard to the Rescue by Baarslag, Karl

I-259 On the Bottom by Ellberg, Comdr Edward

I-260 Ashenden by Maugham, W. Somerset

I-261 Queen Victoria by Strachey, Lytton

I-262 Tides of Malvern by Griswold, Francis

I-263 Tem . . . . and Out! by Johnston, Alexander

I-264 Victory by Conrad, Joseph

I-265 Mrs. Parkington by Bromfield, Louis

I-266 The Sea Hawk by Sabatini, Rafael

I-267 Honey in the Horn by Davis, H.L.

I-268 Jane Eyre by Bronte, Charlotte

I-269 Paradise by Forbes, Esther

I-270 My Son, My Son! by Spring, Howard

J-271 The Proud Sheriff by Rhodes, Eugene Manlove

J-272 My Name is Aram by Saroyan, William

J-273 The Shadow Line by Conrad, Joseph

J-274 Tree Toad by Davis, Bob

J-275 Riot at Red Water by Bechdolt, Frederick R.

J-276 Past the End of the Pavement by Finney, Charles J.

J-277 Lou Gehrig by Graham, Frank

J-278 You Know Me, Al by Lardner, Ring

J-279 The Phantom Filly by Chamberlain, George Agnew

J-280 Sheriff of Yavisa by Snow, Charles

J-281 Davy Crockett by Rourke, Constance

J-282 A High Wind in Jamaica by Hughes, Richard

J-283 The Gang’s All Here by Smith, Harvey

J-284 Skin and Bones by Smith, Thorne

J-285 The Last Adam by Cozzens, James Gould

J-286 South of Rio Grande by Brand, Max

J-287 George C. Cohan by Morehouse, Ward

J-288 The Golden Fleece by Lofts, Norah

J-289 End of Track by Weaver, Ward

J-290 Selected Stories by Gallico, Paul

J-291 February Hill by Lincoln, Victoria

J-292 The Sea and the Jungle by Tomlinson, H. M.

J-293 No Life for a Lady by Cleaveland, Agnes Morley

J-294 The Bayous of Louisiana by Kane, Harnett T.

J-295 The Wake of the Prairie Schooner by Paden, Irene D.

J-296 Vanity Fair by Thackeray, William M.

J-297 Selected Stories by Poe, Edgar Allan

J-298 Young Ames by Edmonds, Walter D.

J-299 The Apostle by Asch,Sholem

J-300 Good Night, Sweet Prince by Fowler, Gene

J-301 Forty-Niners by Hulbert, Archer Butler

J-302 Indians Abroad by Foreman, Carolyn Thomas

K-01 This Simian World by Day, Clarence

K-02 The Old Soak by Marquis, Don

K-03 The Call of the Wild by London, Jack

K-04 The Dark Gentleman by Stern, G. B.

K-05 The Secret of Dr. Kildare by Brand, Max

K-06 The Noise of Their Wings by Kantor, MacKinlay

K-07 Bounty Of The Wayside by Wilder, Walter Beebe

K-08 Stepsons of Light by Rhodes, Eugene Manlove

K-09 Selected Short Stories by Hemingway, Ernest

K-10 The Life and Death of Little Jo by Bright, Robert

K-11 Rebel of Ronde Valley by Snow, Charles

K-12 The St. Lawrence by Beston, Henry

K-13 Ethan Allan by Holbrook, Steward H.

K-14 The Wild Bunch by Haycox, Ernest

K-15 The Stray Lamb by Smith, Thorne

K-16 Selected Short Sroties by Henry, O

K-17 The Eight Million by Berger, Meyer

K-18 Moon Tide by Robertson, Willard

K-19 The Journey of the Flame by Blanco, Antonio de Fierro

K-20 Young Man of the World by Ybarra, T. R.

K-21 Winter Wheat by Walker, Mildred

K-22 Walt Whitman by Canby, Henry Seidel

K-23 Andrew Jackson: The Border Captain by James, Marquis

K-24 Babbitt by Lewis, Sinclair

K-25 Yankee Lawyer, the Autobiography of Ephraim Tutt by Train, Arthur

K-26 Sucker’s Progress by Asbury, Herbert

K-27 The Robe by Douglas, Lloyd C.

K-28 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Smith, Betty

K-29 AP: The Story of the News by Grambling, Oliver

K-30 Benjamin Franklin by Van Doren, Carl

K-31 Tristram Shandy by Sterne, Laurence

K-32 Rise to Follow by Spalding, Albert

L-01 A Book of Americans by Benet, Rosemary & Stephen

L-02 My Life and Hard Times by Thurber, James

L-03 Kilgour’s Mare by Laing, Alexander

L-04 Etched in Moonlight by Stephens, James

L-05 Porgy by Heyward, Du Bose

L-06 Great Poems from Chaucer to Whitman by Untermeyer, Louis (ed.)

L-07 What Became of Anna Bolton by Bromfield, Louis

L-08 Montana Rides Again by Evans, Evan

L-09 The Sheriff’s Son by Raine, William MacLeod

L-10 Happy Stories Just to Laugh At by Leacock, Stephen

L-11 Roaring River Range by Gooden, Arthur Henry

L-12 There’s One in Every Family by Eisenberg, Frances

L-13 The King Bird Tides by Brand, Max

L-14 The Sea Is So Wide by Eaton, Evelyn

L-15 Omoo by Melville, Herman

L-16 Hackberry Cavalier by Perry, George Sessions

L-17 Turnabout by Smith, Thorne

L-18 400 Million Customers by Crow, Carl

L-19 Fish and Tin Fish by Wylie, Philip

L-20 Emminent Victorians by Stachey, Lytton

L-21 Country Cured by Croy, Homer

L-22 Science at War by Gray, George W.

L-23 Bedford Village by Allen, Hervey

L-24 The Lady and the Arsenic by Shearing, Joseph

L-25 Dracula by Stoker, Bram

L-26 Wickford Point by Marquand, John P.

L-27 I, Claudius by Graves, Robert

L-28 Selected Short Stories by Mann, Thomas

L-29 Lust for Life by Stone, Irving

L-30 Of Human Bondage by Maugham, W. Somerset

L-31 The Land Is Bright by Binns, Archie

L-32 Four Years in Paradise by Johnson, Osa

M-01 Selected Poems by Housman, A. E.

M-02 Is Sex Necessary? by Thurber, James & White, E. B.

M-03 Selected Short Stories of SAKI by Saki (Munro, H. H.)

M-04 20,000 Leagues under the Sea or David Copperfield by Benchley, Robert

M-05 Pere Marquette by Repplier, Agnes

M-06 Copper Streak Trail by Rhodes, Eugene Manlove

M-07 Dune Boy by Teale, Edwin

M-08 Paul Bunyan by Stevens, James

M-09 Science Yearbook of 1944 by Ratcliff, John D.

M-10 The Chicken-Wagon Family by Benefield, Barry

M-11 The Big Ones Get Away by Wylie, Philip

M-12 Old McDonald Had a Farm by McDonald, Angus

M-13 Action by Night by Haycox, Ernest

M-14 The Border Kid by Brand, Max

M-15 Fighting Men of the West by Coolidge, Dane

M-16 Tarzan of the Apes by Burroughs, Edgar Rice

M-17 The Boomer by Bedwell, Harry

M-18 Such Interesting People by Casey, Robert J.

M-19 Call Her Rosie by Bruce, Eva

M-20 Larrish Hundred by Beverley-Giddings, A. R.

M-21 Country Editor by Hough, Henry, Beetle

M-22 With a Dutch Accent by DeJong, David Cornel

M-23 Four Modern American Plays by Hellman/Thurber/Nugent

M-24 A Treasury of the World’s Great Letters by Schuster, M. Lincoln (ed.)

M-25 Indigo by Weston, Christine

M-26 Barnum by Werner, M. R.

M-27 Show Me a Land by McMeekin, Clark

M-28 New Stories for Men by Grayson, Capt. Charles

M-29 The Moonstone by Collins, Wilke

M-30 Der Fuehrer by Heiden, Konrad

M-31 Stars on the Sea by Mason, F. Van Wyck

M-32 While Still We Live by MacInnes, Helen

N-01 The Mysterious Stranger by Twain, Mark

N-02 The Dream Department by Perelman, S. J.

N-03 America by Benet, Stephen Vincent

N-04 The Man Nobody Knows by Barton, Bruce

N-05 The Crock of Gold by Stephens, James

N-06 Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg by Sandberg, Carl

N-07 Let Your Mind Alone by Thurber, James

N-08 We Pointed Them North by Abbott, E.C. & Smith, H.H.

N-09 Rim of the Desert by Haycox, Ernest

N-10 Useless Cowboy by LeMay, Alan

N-11 The Fallen Sparrow by Hughes, Dorothy B.

N-12 Snow Above Town by Hough, Donald

N-13 Kidnapped by Stevenson, Robert Louis

N-14 The Summing Up by Maugham, W. Somerset

N-15 Iron Trail by Brand, Max

N-16 Riata and Spurs by Siringo, Charles A.

N-17 Duel in the Sea by Busch, Niven

N-18 Thunder Mountain by Pratt, Theodore

N-19 I Dive for Treasure by Riesenberg, Lt. H. E.

N-20 Prophet by Experience by Iams, Jack

N-21 Hangman’s House by Byrne, Donn

N-22 The Great American Novel by Davis, Clyde Brion

N-23 Fire Bell in the Night by Robertson, Constance

N-24 Bonin by Standish, Robert

N-25 Mathematics and the Imagination by Newman, James. & Kasner, E.

N-26 Magnus Merriman by Linklater, Eric

N-27 Look Away, Look Away by White, Leslie Turner

N-28 Martin Eden by London, Jack

N-29 The Turning Wheels by Cloete, Stuart

N-30 Perilous Journey by Kroll, H. H. & Sublette, C. M.

N-31 David Copperfield by Dickens, Charles

N-32 The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Stegner, Wallace

O-01 Selected Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley by Shelley, Percy Bysshe

O-02 The Prophet by Gibran, Kahlil

O-03 The Art of Illusion by Molholland, John

O-04 They Played the Game by Grayson, Harry

O-05 Tales of the Pampas by Hudson, W. H.

O-06 Plowman’s Folly by Faulkner, Edward H.

O-07 Mr. Glencannon Ignors The War by Gilpatric, Guy

O-08 My Dear Bella by Kober, Arthur

O-09 Donovan’s Brain by Siodmak, Curt

O-10 Wild Horse Shorty by Nye, Nelson C.

O-11 Journey Into The Fog by Goodhue, Cornelia

O-12 The African Queen by Forester, C.S.

O-13 Lost Worlds by White, Anne Terry

O-14 I Never Left Home by Hope, Bob

O-15 Island in the Sky by Gann, Ernest K.

O-16 Crazy Weather by McNichols, Charles L.

O-17 Nobody Lives Forever by Burnett, W.R.

O-18 Runyon a la Carte by Runyon, Damon

O-19 The Lost Weekend by Jackson, Charles

O-20 Selected Short Stories by Russell, John

O-21 On the Danger Line by Simenon, Georges

O-22 The Return of Tarzan by Burroughs, Edgar Rice

O-23 Men Like Gods by Sturgis, Robert

O-24 The Three Black Pennys by Hergesheimer, Joseph

O-25 Selwood of Sleepy Cat by Spearman, Frank

O-26 We Live in Alaska by Helmericks, Constance

O-27 The Red Cock Crows by Gaither, Frances

O-28 Selected Ghost Stories by James, M. R.

O-29 Leave Her to Heaven by Williams, Ben Ames

O-30 Blessed Are The Meek by Kossak, Zofia

O-31 Look Homeward Angel by Wolfe, Thomas

O-32 Look to the Mountain by Cannon, LeGrand, Jr.

P-01 Lady into Fox by Garnett, David

P-02 Boomerang by Chambliss, Commander W.

P-03 Rookie of the Year by Tunis, John R.

P-04 Hotel Splendide by Bemelmans, Ludwig

P-05 Lost Island by Hall, James Norman

P-06 Not Quite Dead Enough by Stout, Rex

P-07 The Great Bustard and Other People by Cuppy, Will

P-08 The Fighting Four by Brand, Max

P-09 Valley of the Sky by Skidmore, Hubert D.

P-10 The Kingdom of Swing by Goodman, Benny & Kolodin, I.

P-11 Lie Down In Darkness by Hays, H. R.

P-12 The Valley of Silent Men by Curwood, James Oliver

P-13 Mother Wore Tights by Young, Miriam

P-14 Pilotin’ Comes Natural by Way, Frederick, Jr.

P-15 Starlight Pass by Gill, Tom

P-16 Trail Town by Haycox, Ernest

P-17 Blood upon the Snow by Lawrence, Hilda

P-18 Many Happy Days I’ve Squandered by Loveridge, Arthur

P-19 Stories by Caldwell, Erskine

P-20 Danger is My Business by Craig, Captain John D.

P-21 Botts in War, Botts in Peace by Upton, William Hazlett

P-22 World’s Great Humorous Stories by Cobb, Irvin S. (ed.)

P-23 Aunt Beardie by Shearing, Joseph

P-24 Rebellion of Leo McGuire by Davis, Clyde Brion

P-25 O. Henry Prize Short Stories of 1943 by Brickell, Herschel (ed.)

P-26 One Man’s Meat by White, E. B.

P-27 Dragonwyck by Seton, Anya

P-28 Slogum House by Sandoz, Marl

P-29 The Republic by Beard, Charles A.

P-30 Brave Men by Pyle, Ernie

P-31 A Treasury of Science by Shapley, Harlow

P-32 Yankee From Olympus by Bowen, Catherine Drinker

Q-01 Excuse It, Please! by Skinner, Cornelia Otis

Q-02 The Postman Always Rings Twice by Cain, James M.

Q-03 The Story of George Gershwin by Ewen, David

Q-04 The Education of T. C. Mits by Lieber, Hugh G. & Lillian R.

Q-05 The Feather Merchants by Shulman, Max

Q-06 The World Ends at Hoboken by Heimer, Mel

Q-07 High Time by Lasswell, Mary

Q-08 Keystone Kids by Tunis, John R.

Q-09 Selected Short Stories by Anderson, Sherwood

Q-10 Give’em the Ax by Fair, A. A.

Q-11 Prairie Guns by Halleran, E. E.

Q-12 Watch Out for Willie Carter by Naidish, Theodore

Q-13 The Passionate Witch by Smith, Thorne

Q-14 Guerrilla by Dunsany, Lord

Q-15 The Corpse without a Clue by Walling, R. A. J.

Q-16 Man in the Saddle by Haycox, Ernest

Q-17 The Amethyst Spectacles by Crane, Frances

Q-18 Beat to Quarters by Forester, C. S.

Q-19 The Heritage of the High Desert by Grey, Zane

Q-20 Devil on His Trail by Hawkins, John & Ward

Q-21 Salt Water Daffy by Wylie, Philip

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994 — The Private Life of Helen of Troy by Erskine, John
995 — The Amethyst Spectacles by Crane, Frances
996 — Beat to Quarters by Forester, C. S.
997 — The Heritage of the High Desert by Grey, Zane
998 — Devil on His Trail by Hawkins, John & Ward
999 — Rooster Crows for Day by Burman, Ben Lucien
1000 — Esquire’s 1945 Jazz Book by Miller, Paul Eduard (ed.)
1001 — Black Moon by McMeekin, Clark
1002 — Twenty Careers of Tomorrow by Huff, Darrell & Huff, Frances
1003 — Three O’Clock Dinner by Pinckney, Josephine
1004 — January Thaw by Partridge, Bellamy
1005 — Arms and the Man and Two Other Plays by Shaw, George Bernard
1006 — The Birth of Mischief by Sabatini, Rafael
1007 — All Brides Are Beautiful by Bell, Thomas
1008 — Atoms in Action by Harrison, George Russell
1009 — The Green Years by Cronin, A. J.
1010 — The Saddle and the Plow by Taylor, Ross McLaury
1011 — Best Short Stories by London, Jack
1012 — Some of These Days by Tucker, Sophie
1013 — Of Time and the River by Wolfe, Thomas
1014 — Northwest Passage by Roberts, Kenneth
1015 — Selected Poems by Housman, A. E.
1016 — Is Sex Necessary? by Thurber, James & White,
1017 — I’ll Try Anything Twice by Russell, Fred
1018 — Your Personal Plane by Andrews, John Paul
1019 — Parlor, Bedlam, and Bath by Perelman, S. J. & Reynolds, Q.
1020 — Till I Come Back to You by Bell, Thomas
1021 — The Wolf Pack of Lobo Butte by Tuttle, W. C.
1022 — Rusty Guns by Lomax, Bliss
1023 — The State of Music by Thomson, Virgil
1024 — Liberal Education by Van Doren, Mark
1025 — Dreamland by Kelland, Clarence Budington
1026 — The King is Dead on Queen Street by Bonnamy, Francis
1027 — Big Ben by Miers, Earl Schenck
1028 — Red Sand by Stribling, T. S.
1029 — Is It Anyone We Know? by Price, George
1030 — “Drag” Harlan by Seltzer, Charles Alden
1031 — The Corpse in the Snowman by Blake, Nicholas
1032 — Make the Most of Your Life by Lurton, Douglas E.
1033 — O Genteel Lady! by Forbes, Esther
1034 — Panic by McCloy, Helen
1035 — Mahogany by Segre, Alfredo
1036 — Buckaroo by Cunningham, Eugene
1037 — Frank Leahy and the Fighting Irish by Ward, Arch
1038 — They Tell No Tales by Coles, Manning
1039 — The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife by Gardner, Erle Stanley
1040 — The Japanese Nation by Embree, John F.
1041 — The Lost Weekend by Jackson, Charles
1042 — Selected Short Stories by Russell, John
1043 — The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories by Fitzgerald, F. Scott
1044 — New World of Machines by Manchester, Harland
1045 — Storm by Stewart, George R.
1046 — Kabloona by De Poncins, Gontran
1047 — Three O’Clock Dinner by Pinckney, Josephine
1048 — Trelawny by Armstrong, Margaret
1049 — Oil for the Lamps of China by Hobart, Alice Tisdale
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1051 — The Builders of the Bridge by Steinman, D. B.
1052 — Saints and Strangers by Willison, George F.
1053 — The White Tower by Ullman, James Ramsey
1054 — The Stars Look Down by Cronin, A.J.
1055 — Hunter’s Moon and Other Stories by Gilligan, Edmund
1056 — Love Poems by Herrick, Robert
1057 — Excuse It, Please! by Skinner, Cornelia Otis
1058 — The Postman Always Rings Twice by Cain, James M.
1059 — The Story of George Gershwin by Ewen, David
1060 — The Education of T. C. Mits by Lieber, Hugh G. & Lillian
1061 — One Day on Beetle Rock by Carrighar, Sally
1062 — Jumper by Kalashnikoff, Nicholas
1063 — Atomic Energy in the Coming Era by Dietz, David
1064 — Block That Bride and Other Stories by Brooks, George S.
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1067 — Hold Autumn in Your Hand by Perry, George Sessions
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1071 — The Vengeance of Jefferson Gawne by Seltzer, Charles Alden
1072 — The Man from Bar-20 by Mulford, Clarence E.
1073 — Gold and Guns on Halfaday Creek by Hendryx, James B.
1074 — The Sunday Pigeon Murders by Rice, Craig
1075 — The Murder That Had Everything by Footner, Hulbert
1076 — Comic Relief by Linscott, R. N. (compiled by)
1077 — We Took to the Woods by Rich, Louise Dickinson
1078 — My True Love by Teilhet, Darwin L.
1079 — The Story of the Great Geologists by Felton, C.L. & Felton, M.A.
1080 — Tales by Tolstoy, Count Leo
1081 — You ard Your Future Job by Campbell, W.G. & Bedford, J.
1082 — The Black Rose by Costain, Thomas B.
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1084 — Repent in Haste by Marquand, John P.
1085 — Best Cartoons of the Year, 1945 by Laniar, Lawrence
1086 — The Lunatic at Large by Clouston, J. Storer
1087 — Biography of the Earth by Gann, Ernest K.
1088 — The Double Take by Huggins, Roy
1089 — If the Prospect Pleases by Haystead, Ladd
1090 — Straight, Place, and Show by Dowst, Robert S.
1091 — The War of the Worlds by Wells, H. G.
1092 — Kid Galahad by Wallace, Francis
1093 — Death on the Aisle by Lockridge, Frances & Rich
1094 — Starlight Rider by Haycox, Ernest
1095 — A Small Store and Independence by Greenberg, D. & Schindall, H.
1096 — Steamboat Round the Bend by Burman, Ben Lucien
1097 — Out of Control by Kendrick, Baynard
1098 — V as in Victim by Treat, Lawrence
1099 — Typhoon and The End of the Tether by Conrad, Joseph
1100 — The Egg and I by MacDonald, Betty
1101 — The Ranchman by Seltzer, Charles Alden
1102 — My Three Years with Eisenhower by Butcher, Capt Harry C.
1103 — The Well-Tempered Listener by Taylor, Deems
1104 — The Manatee by Bruff, Nancy
1105 — The Theory and Practice of Earning a Living by Wharton, John F.
1106 — The Big Midget Murders by Rice, Craig
1107 — The Border Legion by Grey, Zane
1108 — The Saga of Billy the Kid by Burns, Walter Noble
1109 — Mr. Digby by Welch, Douglass
1110 — White Water and Black Magic by Gill, Richard C.
1111 — Saratoga Trunk by Ferber, Edna
1112 — Radio’s 100 Men of Science by Dunlap, Orrin E., Jr.
1113 — Days and Nights by Simonov, Konstantine
1114 — John Brown’s Baby by Benet, Stephen Vincent
1115 — Prater Violet by Isherwood, Christopher
1116 — The Wolf by Sansone, Sgt. Leonard
1117 — Come in like a Yankee and Other Stories by Dixon, H. Vernor
1118 — Joe Louis: American by Miller, Margery
1119 — The Zebra Derby by Shulman, Max
1120 — Dingo by Laing, Alexander
1121 — The Crock of Gold by Stephens, James
1122 — Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg by Sandberg, Carl
1123 — Port of Seven Strangers by Knight, Kathleen Moore
1124 — Safari by Johnson, Martin
1125 — The Bitter Tea of General Yen by Stone, Grace A. (Ethel Vance)
1126 — The Great American Customer by Crow, Carl
1127 — Valiant Is the Word for Carrie by Benefield, Barry
1128 — My Greatest Day in Baseball by Carmichael, John P. & Others
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1130 — The Noose is Drawn by Barber, W. & Schabelitz, R.
1131 — The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde by Gardner, Erle Stanley
1132 — Lost in the Horse Latitudes by Smith, H. Allen
1133 — Hunted Riders by Brand, Max
1134 — The Ox-Bow Incident by Clark, Walter Van Tilburg
1135 — Troopers West by Parkhill, Forbes
1136 — Woman at Bay by Coxe, George Harmon
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1138 — The Small General by Standish, Robert
1139 — Caribbean Treasure by Sanderson, Ivan T.
1140 — Miracles Ahead by Carlisle, N.V. & Latham, F.B.
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1143 — Where Do People Take Their Troubles? by Steiner, Lee R.
1144 — The Cherokee Strip by James, Marquis
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1146 — The Girl from Memphis by Steele, Wilber Daniel
1147 — Pal Joey by O’Hara, John
1148 — Rackety Rax by Sayre, Joel
1149 — Anything Can Happen by Papashvily, George & Hele
1150 — Men of Popular Music by Ewen, David
1151 — Many Long Years Ago by Nash, Ogden
1152 — Winter Meeting by Stone, Grace A. (Ethel Vance)
1153 — Wheels in His Head by Musselman, M. M.
1154 — The End of the Trail by Field, Peter
1155 — The Owl in the Celler by Scherf, Margaret
1156 — The Dark Ship and Other Selections by The New Yorker
1157 — The Story of the Moon by Fisher, Clyde
1158 — The Tenderfoot by Kent, W. H. B.
1159 — It’s Still Maloney by Maloney, Russell
1160 — Meet Your Ancestors by Andrews, Roy Chapman
1161 — Tomorrow’s Another Day by Burnett, W.R.
1162 — Murder within Murder by Lockridge, Frances & Richard
1163 — Starlight Pass by Gill, Tom
1164 — Trail Town by Haycox, Ernest
1165 — The Salvation of Pisco Gabar and Other Stories by Household, Geoffrey
1166 — She Came Back by Wentwort, Patricia
1167 — Your Servant the Molecule by Landis, Walter S.
1168 — Treasure Below by Ellberg, Comdr Edward
1169 — The Edge of Running Water by Sloane, William
1170 — The New York Yankees by Graham, Frank
1171 — Top Stuff by Hart, Harold (ed.)
1172 — The Gashouse Gang by Stockton, J. Roy
1173 — I Wouldn’t Be in Your Shoes by Irish, William
1174 — Green Fire by Rainer, Peter W.
1175 — Cobb’s Cavalcade by Zevin, B. D. (ed.)
1176 — The King’s General by Du Maurier, Daphne
1177 — Arch of Triumph by Remarque, Erich Maria
1178 — While You were Gone by Goodman, Jack (ed.)
1179 — Last Chapter by Pyle, Ernie
1180 — Third Avenue, New York by McNulty, John
1181 — Ravaged Range by Field, Peter
1182 — Williwaw by Vidal, Gore
1183 — Outlaw on Horseback by Ermine, Will
1184 — Coroner Creek by Short, Luke
1185 — The Unforeseen by Macardle, Dorothy
1186 — Let’s Kill George by Cores, Lucy
1187 — Lord Hornblower by Forester, C.S.
1188 — With Bated Breath by Campbell, Alice
1189 — A Solo in Tom-Toms by Fowler, Gene
1190 — The Saturday Evening Post Stories, 1942–1945 by Saturday Evening Post
1191 — Denver Murders by Casey, Lee
1192 — By Way of Wyoming by Bishop, Curtis
1193 — A Rock in Every Snowball by Sullivan, Frank
1194 — Death’s Old Sweet Song by Stagge, Johathan
1195 — The World in His Arms by Beach, Rex
1196 — Clattering Hoofs by Raine, William MacLeod
1197 — The Chicago Cubs by Brown, Warren
1198 — Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Corbett, Jim
1199 — Jim Bridger, Mountain Man by Vestal, Stanley
1200 — Blaze of Noon by Gann, Ernest K.
1201 — All the King’s Men by Warren, Robert Penn
1202 — Tell Your Sons by Gibbs, Willa
1203 — Mister Roberts by Heggen, Thomas
1204 — Football Coach by Sampson, Arthur
1205 — Benefit Performance by Sale, Richard
1206 — Double Cross Trail by Halleran, E. E.
1207 — Pikes Peek or Bust by Wilson, Earl
1208 — Thunderbird Trail by MacDonald, William Colt
1209 — Stranger than Truth by Caspary, Vera
1210 — Companions of the Left Hand by Tabori, George
1211 — Green Grass of Wyoming by O’Hara, Mary
1212 — Driftwood Valley by Stanwell-Fletcher, Theodora C.
1213 — The Best Stories by Steele, Wilber Daniel
1214 — Under the Red Sea Sun by Ellberg, Comdr Edward
1215 — The Big Clock by Fearing, Kenneth
1216 — Mountain Riders by Brand, Max
1217 — Mr. Adam by Frank, Pat
1218 — The Case of the Borrowed Brunette by Gardner, Erle Stanley
1219 — The Sudden Guest by La Farge, Christopher
1220 — White Man by Freuchen, Peter
1221 — Frontier on the Potomac by Danials, Jonathan
1222 — The Silent Speaker by Stout, Rex
1223 — Strange and Fantastic Stories by Margolies, Joseph A. (ed.)
1224 — Holdfast Gaines by Shepard, Odell & Willard
1225 — B. F.’s Daughter by Marquand, John P.
1226 — The Salem Frigate by Jennings, John
1227 — Boy from Nebraska by Martin, Ralph G.
1228 — Francis by Stern, David
1229 — Surreptitious Entry by George, Willis
1230 — Courage of the North by Hendryx, James B.
1231 — Death of a Tall Man by Lockridge, Frances & Richard
1232 — The Wayward Bus by Steinbeck, John
1233 — But Look, the Morn by Kantor, MacKinlay
1234 — saigon Singer by Mason, Van Wyck
1235 — Fabulous Empire by Gipson, Fred
1236 — The Colorado by Waters, Frank
1237 — Eagles Fly West by Ainsworth, Ed (Edward M.
1238 — Toil of the Brave by Fletcher, Inglis
1239 — Treasure of the Brasada by Savage, Les, Jr.
1240 — Six Gun Showdown by West, Tom
1241 — The Silver Leopard by Reilly, Helen
1242 — The Face of the Clam by Whiteman, Luther
1243 — Command Decision by Haines, William Wister
1244 — The Shadowed Trail by Gooden, Arthur Henry
1245 — The Natural History of Nonsense by Evan, Bergen
1246 — My Late Wives by Dickson, Carter
1247 — The Quarry by Walker, Mildred
1248 — Tales of the South Pacific by Michener, James A.
1249 — Look South to the Polar Star by Cahill, Holger
1250 — Not So Wild a Dream by Sevareid, Etric
1251 — The Barber of Tubac by Nye, Nelson C.
1252 — The Magnificent Barb by Faralla, Dana
1253 — Mixture for Men by Feldkamp,Fred (ed.)
1254 — Buckaroo’s Code by Overholser, Wayne D.
1255 — Pick Your Victim by McGerr, Pat
1256 — The Widow-Makers by Blankfort, Michael
1257 — The Border Bandit by Evans, Evan
1258 — The Middle of Midnight by Beymer, William Gilmore
1259 — Jeremy Bell by Davis, Clyde Brion
1260 — The Detroit Tigers by Lieb, Frederick G.
1261 — Wake of the Red Witch by Roark, Garland
1262 — The Walls of Jericho by Wellman, Paul I.
1263 — Valley of Vanishing Men by Brand, Max
1264 — Gambler’s Gold by Field, Peter
1265 — Aurora Dawn by Wouk, Herman
1266 — The Strumpet Wind by Merrick, Gordon
1267 — Long Storm by Haycox, Ernest
1268 — Gentleman’s Agreement by Hobson, Laura Z.
1269 — Final Curtain by Marsh, Ngaio
1270 — Death of a Doll by Lawrence, Hilda
1271 — The Boston Red Sox by Lieb, Frederick G.
1272–9 Lives before Thirty by Manus, Max
1273 — Blood Brother by Arnold,Elliott
1274 — This Is the Story by Cohn, David L.
1275 — Shadow Range by Bishop, Curtis
1276 — So Long at the Fair by Thorne, Anthony
1277 — Silver Spurs by Layton, Mark
1278 — Alaska: Land of Tomorrow by Herron, Edward A.
1279 — With Intent to Deceive by Coles, Manning
1280 — The Sleeping Sphinx by Carr, John Dickson
1281 — Mr. On Loong by Standish, Robert
1282 — Go-Devil by Eyssen, Marguerite
1283 — There Was Once a Slave by Graham, Shirley
1284 — My Name Is Christopher Nagel by Grafton, C. W.
1285 — The Wild Yazoo by Myers, John Myers
1286 — Jed Blaine’s Women by Wells, Evelyn
1287 — Within the Ropes by Rich, Harold
1288 — Trail Dust by Lomax, Bliss
1289 — How Green was My Father by Dodge, David
1290 — The Drifting Kid by Ermine, Will
1291 — Puzzle for Pilgrims by Quentin, Patrick
1292 — Ghost of a Chance by Roos, Kelly
1293 — Think of Death by Lockridge, Frances & Richard
1294 — Valley of Wild Horses by Grey, Zane
1295 — Mrs. Mike by Freedman, B. & Freedman F.
1296 — Little Gate by Ewing, Annemarie
1297 — The Big Sky by Guthrie, A B. , Jr.
1298 — Famous Stories of Code and Cipher by Bond, Raymond T (ed)
1299 — Hang and Rattle by Bosworth, Allan R.
1300 — Trail from Needle Rock by Field, Peter
1301 — Flannigan’s Folly by Milburn, George
1302 — The Case of the Fan-Dancer’s Horse by Gardner, Erle Stanley
1303 — Blood Money by Bellamy, Francis Rufus
1304 — Master of the Mesa by MacDonald, William Colt
1305 — Tomorrow’s a Holiday by Loveridge, Arthur
1306 — Boston: Cradle of Liberty by Jennings, John
1307 — Comrade Forest by Leigh, Michael
1308 — The Side of the Angels by McLaughlin, Robert
1309 — The Thresher by Krause, Herbert
1310 — Vermilion by Jones, Idwal
1311 — The False Rider by Brand, Max
1312 — The Blue Horse of Taxco by Knight, Kathleen Moore
1313 — Los Angeles Murders by Rice, Craig (ed.)
1314 — Passing By by Merrick, Elliott
1315 — On My Way Home by Phenix, Richard
1316 — Strikeout Story by Feller, Bob
1317 — The Harder They Fall by Schulberg, Budd
1318 — Raw North by Gillham, Charles
1319 — The Story of Mrs. Murphy by Scott, Natalie Anderson
1320 — The Moneyman by Costain, Thomas B.
1321 — Prince of Foxes by Shellabarger, Samuel
1322 — Home Country by Pyle, Ernie
1-TLP/VFW — War Letters by Andrew Carroll (ed.)
LP1 — War Letters by Andrew Carroll (ed.)
LP2 — Medal of Honor by Allen Mikaelian
LP3 — Henry V by Shalespeare, William
LP4 — Art of War, The by Tse, Sun
LP5 — Wry Martinis by Buckley, Christopher
LP6 — Man in the Arena, The by Roosevelt, Theodore
LP7 — One Thousand and One Arabian Nights by McCaughrean, Geraldine

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