HOT LIST: The 159 Best Romance Books

  1. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Gabaldon, Diana
  2. Three Weeks with Lady X by James, Eloisa
  3. Heroes Are My Weakness by Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
  4. Bollywood Affair, A by Dev, Sonali
  5. It Happened One Wedding by James, Julie
  6. My Beautiful Enemy by Thomas, Sherry
  7. Romancing the Duke by Dare, Tessa
  8. Shield of Winter by Singh, Nalini
  9. Fool Me Twice by Duran, Meredith
  10. Suffragette Scandal, The by Milan, Courtney
  11. Bitter Spirits by Bennett, Jenn
  12. Burn for Me by Andrews, Ilona
  13. Darling Beast by Hoyt, Elizabeth
  14. Do or Die by Brockmann, Suzanne
  15. Evernight by Callihan, Kristen
  16. Into the Shadows by Crane, Carolyn
  17. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by MacLean, Sarah
  18. Only Enchanting by Balogh, Mary
  19. Play by Scott, Kylie
  20. Rogue Spy by Bourne, Joanna
  21. Saint, The by Reisz, Tiffany
  22. Somebody like You by Vogt, Beth K.
  23. Submission Gift, The by Ames, Solace
  24. Suddenly Last Summer by Morgan, Sarah
  25. Sweet Filthy Boy by Lauren, Christina
  26. Vixen in Velvet by Chase, Loretta
  27. All Broke Down by Carmack, Cora
  28. Archer’s Voice by Sheridan, Mia
  29. Arrow, The by McCarty, Monica
  30. Avenge Me by Yates, Maisey
  31. Baby It’s You by Graves, Jane
  32. Backup Boyfriend, The by Jaymes, River
  33. Beautiful Oblivion by McGuire, Jamie
  34. Be Careful what You Kiss For by Daniels, Jane Lynn
  35. Beekeeper’s Ball, The by Wiggs, Susan
  36. Before Jamaica Lane by Young, Samantha
  37. Before We Kiss by Mallery, Susan
  38. Bells of Times Square, The by Lane, Amy
  39. Best Medicine, The by Brogan, Tracy
  40. Between the Sheets by O’Keefe, Molly
  41. Bitter Spirits by Bennett, Jenn
  42. Black Lies by Torre, Alessandra
  43. Blossom Street Brides by Macomber, Debbie
  44. Bonds of Denial by Aicher, Lynda
  45. Burn for Me by Eden, Cynthia
  46. Call Me Saffron by Surova, Talia
  47. Carolina Blues by Kantra, Virginia
  48. Carolina Man by Kantra, Virginia
  49. Chocolate Temptation, The by Florand, Laura
  50. Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong, A by Grant, Cecilia
  51. Concealed in Death by Robb, J. D.
  52. Cover Your Eyes by Burton, Mary
  53. Cowboy’s Reluctant Bride, The by Cowan, Debra
  54. Crashed by Bromberg, K.
  55. Craving Temptation by Mello, Deborah Fletcher
  56. Darkest Touch, The by Showalter, Gena
  57. Dead Romantic by Saberton, Ruth
  58. Deceived by Hannon, Irene
  59. Decker’s Wood by Dallas, Kirsty
  60. Devil’s Game by Wylde, Joanna
  61. Douglas by Burrowes, Grace
  62. Escape, The by Balogh, Mary
  63. Fever Pitch by Cullinan, Heidi
  64. Fighting Redemption by McCarthy, Kate
  65. Forged by Desire by McMaster, Bec
  66. Forged in Ash by McCallan, Trish
  67. Frozen by Brook, Meljean
  68. Full Measures by Yarros, Rebecca
  69. Gabriel’s Redemption by Reynard, Sylvain
  70. Gentleman Rogue, The by McPhee, Margaret
  71. Girl in 6E, The by Torre, Alessandra
  72. Glass Kitchen, The by Lee, Linda Francis
  73. Grave Danger by Lee, Katy
  74. Hard Time by McKenna, Cara
  75. Having Her by Ashenden, Jackie
  76. Her Cowboy Hero by Michaels, Tanya
  77. Her Kind of Trouble by Mayberry, Sarah
  78. Her Temporary Hero by Apodaca, Jennifer
  79. Holding Out by Rose, Lila
  80. Honeymoon Trap, The by Hunter, Kelly
  81. Honor Reclaimed by Burrows, Tonya
  82. Hope at Dawn by Henrie, Stacy
  83. Hour of Need by Leigh, Melinda
  84. Huckleberry Summer by Beckstrand, Jennifer
  85. In Bed with a Rogue by Grace, Samantha
  86. In Your Corner by Castille, Sarah
  87. In Your Dreams by Higgins, Kristan
  88. Indecent Proposal by O’Keefe, Molly
  89. Intrusion by Stein, Charlotte
  90. It’s in His Kiss by Shalvis, Jill
  91. Jade Temptress, The by Lin, Jeannie
  92. King, The by Ward, J. R.
  93. Kiss and Tell by Michaels, Fern
  94. Kiss Me like This by Andre, Bella
  95. Kraken King, The by Brook, Meljean
  96. Lead by Scott, Kylie
  97. Lock and Load by Troutte, Kimberly
  98. Lone Warrior, The by Austin, Lori
  99. Love Letters by Macomber, Debbie
  100. Love with a Perfect Cowboy by Wilde, Lori
  101. Man’s Promise, A by Jackson, Brenda
  102. Maybe Someday by Hoover, Colleen
  103. Maybe This Christmas by Morgan, Sarah
  104. Midnight Action by Kennedy, Elle
  105. Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect by Hart, Jessica
  106. Never Been Kissed by O’Keefe, Molly
  107. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Andrews, Amy
  108. Not Quite a Wife by Putney, Mary Jo
  109. Once a Family by Quinn, Tara Taylor
  110. Once in a Lifetime by Shalvis, Jill
  111. One in a Million by Shalvis, Jill
  112. Passion and Ponies by Sivec, Tara
  113. Personal Geography by Parker, Tamsen
  114. Place Called Harmony, A by Thomas, Jodi
  115. Place I Belong, The by Herkness, Nancy
  116. Purely Professional by Winters, Elia
  117. Raider, The by McCarty, Monica
  118. Raine Falling by Marinaro, Paula
  119. Raw by Aurora, Belle
  120. Reaper’s Stand by Wylde, Joanna
  121. River Road by Krentz, Jayne Ann
  122. Rock Addiction by Singh, Nalini
  123. Rush by Dawson, Nyrae
  124. Santa’s Playbook by Templeton, Karen
  125. Save the Date by Andrews, Mary Kay
  126. Secret Life of Violet Grant, The by Williams, Beatriz
  127. Shadow Spell by Roberts, Nora
  128. Shame on You by Sivec, Tara
  129. Single by Saturday by Bybee, Catherine
  130. Slow Tango with a Prince by Burnham, Nicole
  131. Smuggler Wore Silk, The by Alexander, Alyssa
  132. Starting with June by Rose, Emilie
  133. Stay with Me by Lynn, J.
  134. Stepbrother Dearest by Ward, Penelope
  135. Stranger I Married, The by Day, Sylvia
  136. Sweet Addiction by Daniels, Jessica
  137. Sweet Disorder by Lerner, Rose
  138. Sweet Spot, The by Evanovich, Stephanie
  139. Sweetest September, The by Talley, Liz
  140. Thankful by Gray, Shelley Shepard
  141. Think of England by Charles, K. J.
  142. Tied by Chase, Emma
  143. To Scotland with Love by Griffin, Patience
  144. Transcendence by Savage, Shay
  145. Twice Tempted by Dreyer, Eileen
  146. Ugly Love by Hoover, Colleen
  147. Ultimate Sins by Leigh, Lora
  148. Untouched by Yates, Maisey
  149. Vixen and the Vet, The by Regnery, Katy
  150. Wanted by Kenner, J.
  151. What a Lady Needs for Christmas by Burrowes, Grace
  152. What I Love about You by Gibson, Rachel
  153. Where the Horses Run by Warner, Kaki
  154. Will, The by Ashley, Madeleine
  155. Winter King, The by Wilson, C. L.
  156. Worth: Lord of Reckoning by Burrowes, Grace
  157. Worth the Fall by Quinn, Caitie
  158. Wrapped around Your Finger by Tyler, Alison
  159. You’re Not Safe by Burton, Mary

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