Best Historical Fiction Books

  1. All the Light We Cannot See by Doerr, Anthony
  2. Paying Guests, The by Waters, Sarah
  3. Euphoria by King, Lily
  4. Brief History of Seven Killings, A by James, Marlon
  5. Narrow Road to the Deep North, The by Flanagan, Richard
  6. Nora Webster by Toibin, Colm
  7. Zone of Interest, The by Amis, Martin
  8. Some Luck by Smiley, Jane
  9. We Are Not Ourselves by Thomas, Matthew
  10. Invention of Wings, The by Kidd, Sue Monk
  11. Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 by Prose, Francine
  12. Song of the Shank by Allen, Jeffery Renard
  13. Officer and a Spy, An by Harris, Robert
  14. Girls at the Kingfisher Club, The by Valentine, Genevieve
  15. Moor’s Account, The by Lalami, Laila
  16. Museum of Extraordinary Things, The by Hoffman, Alice
  17. Frog Music by Donoghue, Emma
  18. Land of Love and Drowning by Yanique, Tiphanie
  19. Lucky Us by Bloom, Amy
  20. Miniaturist, The by Burton, Jessie
  21. Rainey Royal by Landis, Dylan
  22. Arctic Summer by Galgut, Damon
  23. Kept, The by Scott, James
  24. Neverhome by Hunt, Laird
  25. Invention of Exile, The by Manko, Vanessa
  26. Lives of Others, The by Mukherjee, Neel
  27. Long Man by Greene, Amy
  28. Red or Dead by Peace, David
  29. Serpent of Venice, The by Moore, Christopher
  30. Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Horan, Nancy
  31. Wayfaring Stranger by Burke, James Lee
  32. What Is Visible by Elkins, Kimberly
  33. Bully of Order, The by Hart, Brian
  34. Clever Girl by Hadley, Tessa
  35. Edge of Eternity by Follett, Ken
  36. I Pity the Poor Immigrant by Lazar, Zachary
  37. Off Course by Huneven, Michelle
  38. Orenda, The by Boyden, Joseph
  39. Painted Horses by Brooks, Malcolm
  40. Signature of All Things, The by Gilbert, Elizabeth
  41. Wake, The by Kingsnorth, Paul
  42. Architect’s Apprentice, The by Shafak, Elif
  43. Bitter Greens by Forsyth, Kate
  44. Burnable Book, A by Holsinger, Bruce
  45. China Dolls by See, Lisa
  46. Day of Atonement, The by Liss, David
  47. Dollbaby by McNeal, Laura Lane
  48. End of Always, The by Davenport, Randi
  49. End of Days, The by Erpenbeck, Jenny
  50. For Such a Time by Breslin, Kate
  51. God in Every Stone, A by Shamsie, Kamila
  52. King’s Curse, The by Gregory, Philippa
  53. Last Kind Words Saloon, The by McMurtry, Larry
  54. Love and Treasure by Waldman, Ayelet
  55. McGlue by Moshfegh, Ottessa
  56. Monday, Monday by Crook, Elizabeth
  57. Mrs. Hemingway by Wood, Naomi
  58. One Night in Winter by Montefiore, Simon Sebag
  59. Our Lady of the Nile by Mukasonga, Scholastique
  60. Quilt for Christmas, A by Dallas, Sandra
  61. Road to Reckoning by Lautner, Robert
  62. Ruth’s Journey by McCaig, Donald
  63. Steady Running of the Hour, The by Go, Justin
  64. Story of Land and Sea, The by Smith, Katy Simpson
  65. Sundance by Fuller, David
  66. Temporary Gentleman, The by Barry, Sebastian
  67. Us Conductors by Michaels, Sean
  68. Visionist, The by Urquhart, Rachel
  69. Wind Is Not a River, The by Payton, Brian
  70. Above the East China Sea by Bird, Sarah
  71. After Before by Wayne, Jemma
  72. Aren’t We Sisters by Ferguson, Patricia
  73. Auschwitz Escape, The by Rosenberg, Joel E.
  74. Bitter Eden by Afrika, Tatamkhulu
  75. Black Hat Jack: the True Life Adventures of Deadwood Dick, as Told by His Own Self by Lansdale, Joe
  76. Boston Girl, The by Diamant, Anita
  77. Cementville by Livers, Paulette
  78. Commandant of Lubizec by Hicks, Patrick
  79. Crooked Heart by Evans, Lissa
  80. Desert God by Smith, Wilbur
  81. Door that Faced West, The by Clark, Alan M.
  82. Dreaming for Freud by Kohler, Sheila
  83. Dress Thief, The by Evans, Natalie Meg
  84. Electric City by Rosner, Elizabeth
  85. Evergreen by Rasmussen, Rebecca
  86. Fall of Marigolds, A by Meissner, Susan
  87. Fallen Beauty by Robuck, Erika
  88. Falling from Horses by Gloss, Molly
  89. Flight of the Sparrow by Brown, Amy Belding
  90. Fortune Hunter, The by Goodwin, Daisy
  91. Four Faces of Truth by Rinaldi, Harriette
  92. Goddess of Small Victories, The by Grannec, Yannick
  93. Gretel in the Dark by Granville, Eliza
  94. Gypsy Goddess, The by Kandasamy, Meena
  95. Hollow Ground, The by Harnett, Natalie
  96. Hop Alley by Phillips, Scott
  97. Hour of Lead, The by Holbert, Bruce
  98. I Always Loved You by Oliveira, Robin
  99. I Shall Be Near to You by McCabe, Erin Lindsay
  100. Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street, The by Gilman, Susan Jane
  101. In the Night of Time by Molina, Antonio Munoz
  102. In the Wolf’s Mouth by Foulds, Adam
  103. In Times of Fading Light by Ruge, Eugen
  104. Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims by Clements, Toby
  105. King’s Ransom, A by Penman, Sharon Kay
  106. Lie, The by Dunmore, Helen
  107. Light and the Dark, The by Shishkin, Mikhail
  108. Long Sword, The by Cameron, Christian
  109. Man Who Loved Dogs, The by Padura, Leonardo
  110. Map of Betrayal by Jin, Ha
  111. Marshlands by Olshan, Matthew
  112. Melancholy II by Fosse, Jon
  113. Motherland by Hummel, Maria
  114. Mount Terminus by Grand, David
  115. My Name Is Resolute by Turner, Nancy E.
  116. Orchard of Lost Souls, The by Mohamed, Nadifa
  117. People in the Trees, The by Yanagihara, Hanya
  118. Pioneer Girl by Nguyen, Bich Minh
  119. Prince’s Boy, The by Bailey, Paul
  120. Promise, The by Weisgarber, Ann
  121. Season of Storms by Kearsley, Susanna
  122. Secrecy by Thompson, Rupert
  123. Secret Life of Violet Grant, The by Williams, Beatriz
  124. Secret Life of Williams Shakespeare, The by Morgan, Jude
  125. Secret of Magic, The by Johnson, Deborah
  126. Silence for the Dead by St. James, Simone
  127. Skylight by Saramago, Jose
  128. Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing, The by Jacob, Mira
  129. Stonehenge Letters, The by Karlinsky, Harry
  130. Storm Still by Handke, Peter
  131. Surfacing, The by James, Cormac
  132. Swan Gondola, The by Schaffert, Timothy
  133. Taxidermist’s Daughter, The by Mosse, Kate
  134. Tell by Itani, Frances
  135. Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals, The by Jones, Wendy
  136. Untold, The by Collins, Courtney
  137. Wake by Hope, Anna
  138. Wall, The by Adler, H.G.
  139. Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress, The by Lawhon, Ariel

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