100 Most Cited Books of All-Time

List of clean references of the top 1% most cited documents on Google Scholar.

  1. Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual by Sambrook, j., Fritsch, e.Ff., & Maniatis, t. (Pub. Year 1982, 171,004 Citations)

2. Diagnostic and statistical manual: mental disorders by American psychiatric association. (Pub. Year 1952, 129,473 Citations)

3. Numerical recipes: the art of scientific computing by Press, w.Hh. (Pub. Year 1986, 108,956 Citations)

4. Case study research: design and methods by Yin, r.Kk. (Pub. Year 1984, 82,538 Citations)

5. Handbook of mathematical functions: with formulas, graphs, and mathematical tables by Abramowitz, m., & Stegun, i.Aa. (Pub. Year 1964, 80,482 Citations)

6. The structure of scientific revolutions by Kuhn, t.Ss. (Pub. Year 1962, 70,662 Citations)

7. Biostatistical analysis by Zar, j.Hh. (Pub. Year 1974, 68,267 Citations)

8. Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences by Cohen, j. (Pub. Year 1969, 63,766 Citations)

9. The discovery of grounded theory: strategies for qualitative research by Glaser, b.Gg., & Strauss, a.Ll. (Pub. Year 1967, 61,158 Citations)

10. Psychometric Theory by Nunnally, j.Cc. (Pub. Year 1967, 60,725 Citations)

11. Genetic algorithms in search, optimization, and machine learning by Goldberg, d.Ee. (Pub. Year 1989, 59,764 Citations)

12. Diffusion of Innovations by Rogers, e.Mm. (Pub. Year 1962, 55,738 Citations)

13. Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism by Anderson, b.Rr.Oo. (Pub. Year 1983, 51,177 Citations)

14. The rat brain in stereotaxic coordinates by Paxinos, g., & Watson, c. (Pub. Year 1982, 50,471 Citations)

15. Computers and intractability: a guide to the theory of NP-completeness by Garey, m.Rr., & Johnson, d.Ss. (Pub. Year 1979, 48,816 Citations)

16. A theory of justice by Rawls, j. (Pub. Year 1971, 48,792 Citations)

17. Nonparametric statistics for the behavioral sciences by Siegel, s. (Pub. Year 1956, 47,805 Citations)

18. Mind in society: the development of higher psychological processes by Vygotsky, l.Ss. (Pub. Year 1978, 47,664 Citations)

19. Principles of optics: electromagnetic theory of propagation, interference and diffraction of light by Born, m., & Wolf, e. (Pub. Year 1959, 47,486 Citations)

20. Matrix computations by Golub, g.Hh., & Van loan, c.Ff. (Pub. Year 1983, 47,083 Citations)

21. Qualitative data analysis: a sourcebook of new methods by Miles, m.Bb., & Huberman, a.Mm. (Pub. Year 1984, 45,137 Citations)

22. Econometric analysis by Greene, w.Hh. (Pub. Year 1990, 43,955 Citations)

23. Using multivariate statistics by Tabachnick, b.Gg., & Fidell, l.Ss. (Pub. Year 1983, 43,474 Citations)

24. Table of integrals, series, and products by Gradštejn, i.Ss. Et al. (Pub. Year 1965, 42,948 Citations)

25. Social foundations of thought and action: a social cognitive theory by Bandura, a. (Pub. Year 1986, 42,791 Citations)

26. Multivariate data analysis by Hair, j.Ff. Et al. (Pub. Year 1998, 41,984 Citations)

27. Pedagogy of the oppressed by Freire, , freire, , & freire, (Pub. Year 1970, 41,463 Citations)

28. An introduction to probability theory and its applications by Feller, w. (Pub. Year 1950, 41,135 Citations)

29. Discipline and punish: the birth of the prison by Foucault, m. (Pub. Year 1977, 41,076 Citations)

30. Adaptation in natural and artificial systems an introductory analysis with applications to biology, control, and artificial intelligence by Holland, j.Hh. (Pub. Year 1975, 40,031 Citations)

31. Spread Spectrum Signals for Digital Communications by Giannetti, f., & Luise, m. (Pub. Year 2007, 39,891 Citations)

32. Naturalistic inquiry by Lincoln, y.Ss., & Guba, e.Gg. (Pub. Year 1985, 37,883 Citations)

33. Situated learning legitimate peripheral participation by Lave, j., & Wenger, e. (Pub. Year 1991, 37,459 Citations)

34. Physics of semiconductor devices by Sze, s.Nn. (Pub. Year 1969, 37,134 Citations)

35. Basics of qualitative research: grounded theory procedures and techniques by Strauss, a., & Corbin, j. (Pub. Year 1990, 36,986 Citations)

36. The fifth discipline: the art and practice of the learning organization by Senge, m. (Pub. Year 1990, 36,478 Citations)

37. The reflective practitioner how professionals think in action by Schön, d.Aa. (Pub. Year 1983, 35,852 Citations)

38. Classical electrodynamics by Jackson, j.Dd. (Pub. Year 1962, 35,849 Citations)

39. Introduction to algorithms by Cormen, t.Hh., Leiserson, c.Ee., & Rivest, r.Ll. (Pub. Year 1990, 35,050 Citations)

40. Elements of information theory by Cover, t.Mm., & Thomas, j.Aa. (Pub. Year 1991, 34,674 Citations)

41. Neural networks a comprehensive foundation by Haykin, s.Ss. (Pub. Year 1994, 34,522 Citations)

42. Statistical principles in experimental design by Winer, b.Jj. (Pub. Year 1962, 34,118 Citations)

43. The nature of statistical learning theory by Vapnik, v.Nn. (Pub. Year 1995, 33,506 Citations)

44. Culture’s consequences: international differences in work-related values by Hofstede, g. (Pub. Year 1980, 33,340 Citations)

45. Applied logistic regression by Hosmer, d.Ww., & Lemeshow, s. (Pub. Year 1989, 33,306 Citations)

46. Research design: qualitative and quantitative approaches by Creswell, j.Ww. (Pub. Year 1994, 33,111 Citations)

47. The interpretation of cultures selected essays by Geertz, c. (Pub. Year 1973, 33,003 Citations)

48. The social construction of reality a treatise in the sociology of knowledge by Berger, l., & Luckmann, t. (Pub. Year 1966, 32,710 Citations)

49. CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics: a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data by Chemical rubber company (Pub. Year 1913, 32,542 Citations)

50. Self-efficacy: the exercise of control by Bandura, a. (Pub. Year 1997, 32,393 Citations)

51. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life by Goffman, e. (Pub. Year 1959, 32,251 Citations)

52. Time series analysis forescasting and control by Box, g.Ee. , & Jenkins, g.Mm. (Pub. Year 1970, 32,139 Citations)

53. Design patterns: elements of reusable object-oriented software by Gamma, e. Et al. (Pub. Year 1994, 32,067 Citations)

54. Competitive strategy: techniques for analyzing industries and competitors by Porter, m.Ee. (Pub. Year 1980, 31,532 Citations)

55. The economic institutions of capitalism: firms, markets, relational contracting by Williamson, o.Ee. (Pub. Year 1985, 31,394 Citations)

56. Institutions, institutional change, and economic performance by North, d.Cc. (Pub. Year 1990, 31,019 Citations)

57. Distinction: a social critique of the judgement of taste by Bourdieu, p. (Pub. Year 1979, 30,870 Citations)

58. Competitive advantage: creating and sustaining superior performance by Porter, m.Ee. (Pub. Year 1985, 30,532 Citations)

59. Qualitative evaluation methods by Patton, m.Qq. (Pub. Year 1980, 30,258 Citations)

60. Motivation and personality by Maslow, a.Hh. (Pub. Year 1954, 30,095 Citations)

61. Competitive advantage: Creating and sustaining superior performance by Porter, m.Ee. (Pub. Year 1985, 29,924 Citations)

62. Stress, appraisal, and coping by Lazarus, r.Ss., & Folkman, s. (Pub. Year 1984, 29,844 Citations)

63. Applied multiple regression/correlation analysis for the behavioral sciences by Cohen, j., & Cohen, (Pub. Year 1975, 29,609 Citations)

64. Introduction to solid state physics by Kittel, c. (Pub. Year 1953, 29,486 Citations)

65. Conduction of heat in solids by Carslaw, h.Ss., & Jaeger, j.Cc. (Pub. Year 1947, 29,426 Citations)

66. The art of computer programming by Knuth, d.Ee. (Pub. Year 1968, 29,396 Citations)

67. The fractal geometry of nature by Mandelbrot, b.Bb. (Pub. Year 1977, 29,270 Citations)

68. Metaphors we live by by Lakoff, g., & Johnson, m. (Pub. Year 1980, 29,211 Citations)

69. Attachment and loss by Bowlby, j. (Pub. Year 1969, 28,893 Citations)

70. Bowling alone: the collapse and revival of American community by Putnam, r.Dd. (Pub. Year 2000, 28,850 Citations)

71. In a different voice: psychological theory and women’s development by Gilligan, c. (Pub. Year 1982, 28,817 Citations)

72. Communities of practice: learning, meaning, and identity by Wenger, e. (Pub. Year 1998, 28,770 Citations)

73. Markets and hierarchies: analysis and antitrust implications : a study in the economics of internal organization by Williamson, o.Ee. (Pub. Year 1975, 28,708 Citations)

74. The knowledge-creating company: how Japanese companies create the dynamics of innovation by Nonaka, i., & Takeuchi, h. (Pub. Year 1995, 28,486 Citations)

75. Principles and procedures of statistics: A biometrical approach by Steel, r.Gg.Dd., & Torrie, j.Hh. (Pub. Year 1960, 28,346 Citations)

76. Pattern classification and scene analysis: Richard O by Hart, e. (Pub. Year 1973, 28,093 Citations)

77. Making democracy work: civic traditions in modern Italy by Putnam, r.Dd., Leonardi, r., & Nanetti, r.Yy. (Pub. Year 1993, 27,978 Citations)

78. Childhood and society by Erikson, e.Hh. (Pub. Year 1950, 27,930 Citations)

79. The constitution of society: outline of the theory of structuration by Giddens, a. (Pub. Year 1984, 27,842 Citations)

80. Gender trouble: feminism and the subversion of identity by Butler, j. (Pub. Year 1990, 27,818 Citations)

81. Orientalism by Said, e.Ww. (Pub. Year 1978, 27,806 Citations)

82. The logic of collective action: public goods and the theory of groups by Olson, m. (Pub. Year 1965, 27,058 Citations)

83. Social learning theory by Bandura, a. (Pub. Year 1971, 27,016 Citations)

84. The use of pleasure : volume 2 of the history of sexuality by Foucault, m. (Pub. Year 1985, 26,955 Citations)

85. Qualitative inquiry and research design: choosing among five traditions by Creswell, j.Ww. (Pub. Year 1997, 26,706 Citations)

86. Computer simulation of liquids by Allen, m. , & Tildesley, d.Jj. (Pub. Year 1987, 26,703 Citations)

87. The mathematics of diffusion by Crank, j. (Pub. Year 1956, 26,633 Citations)

88. Capitalism, socialism and democracy by Schumpeter, j.Aa., & Swedberg, r. (Pub. Year 1942, 26,603 Citations)

89. Electrochemical methods: fundamentals and applications by Bard, a.Jj., & Faulkner, l.Rr. (Pub. Year 1980, 26,494 Citations)

90. The principles of psychology by James, w. (Pub. Year 1890, 26,472 Citations)

91. Qualitative research & evaluation methods by Patton, m.Qq. (Pub. Year 1980, 26,382 Citations)

92. Capital: a critical analysis of capitalist production by Marx, k. (Pub. Year 1886, 26,242 Citations)

93. An evolutionary theory of economic change by Nelson, r.Rr., & Winter, s.Gg. (Pub. Year 1982, 26,145 Citations)

94. Applied regression analysis by Draper, n.Rr., & Smith, h. (Pub. Year 1966, 26,109 Citations)

95. The origin of species by means of natural selection, or, The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life by Darwin, c. (Pub. Year 1859, 25,970 Citations)

96. How to do things with words by Austin, j.Ll. (Pub. Year 1962, 25,949 Citations)

97. An Introduction to the Bootstrap by Efron, b., & Tibshirani, r.Jj. (Pub. Year 1993, 25,940 Citations)

98. Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater by American public health association. (Pub. Year 1900, 25,714 Citations)

99. Analise de conteudo by Bardin, l. (Pub. Year 1977, 25,644 Citations)

100. Outline of a theory of practice by Bourdieu, p. (Pub. Year 1977, 25,613 Citations)


Martín-Martín, Alberto; Orduña-Malea, Enrique; Manuel Ayllón, Juan; Delgado-López-Cózar, Emilio (2014): Highly Cited Documents on Google Scholar (1950–2013). figshare.


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