100 Best Books on Indian History

The list was compiled based on votes from the Goodreads community.

1. India After Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy by Ramachandra Guha

2. The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru

3. India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra

4. The Story of My Experiments With Truth by Mahatma Gandhi

5. The Wonder That Was India: A Survey of the History and Culture of the Indian Sub-Continent before the coming of the Muslims by Arthur Llewellyn Basham

6. Medieval India: From Sultanat To The Mughals 1526–1748 by Satish Chandra

7. India: A History by John Keay

8. City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi by William Dalrymple

9. Medieval India — From Sultanat to the Mughals — Part One — Delhi Sultanat (1206–1526) by Satish Chandra

10. Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300 by Romila Thapar

11. The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India in Historical Outline by Damodar Dharmananda Kosambi

12. The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple

13. India After Independence by Bipan Chandra

14. Indira: The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi by Katherine Frank

15. A History of India, vol. 1: From Origins to 1300 (A History of India #1) by Romila Thapar

16. Ancient India: in Historical Outline by D.N. Jha

17. India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra

18. An Autobiography: Toward Freedom by Jawaharlal Nehru

19. Dominance Without Hegemony: History and Power in Colonial India by Ranajit Guha

20. Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography by Sanjeev Sanyal

21. Somanatha: The Many Voices of a History by Romila Thapar

22. Alberuni’s India by أبو الريحان البيروني

23. A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India : From the Stone Age to the 12th Century by Upinder Singh

24. Jai Somnath by Kanhaiyalal Maniklal Munshi (કનૈયાલાલ માણેકલાલ મુનશી)

25. Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits by Rahul Pandita

26. A New Look At Modern Indian History: Men Of Destiny by B.L. Grover

27. Asoka and the Decline of the Mauryas by Romila Thapar

28. Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins

29. Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India by Lawrence James

30. Medieval Indian Society And Culture (Advanced Study In The History Of Medieval India, Vol. Iii) by J.L. Mehta

31. The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas by Mahatma Gandhi

32. Elementary Aspects of Peasant Insurgency in Colonial India by Ranajit Guha

33. India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking by Anand Giridharadas

34. The Mughal Throne by Abraham Eraly

35. The Story of India by Michael Wood

36. The Illustrated History Of South India by K.A. Nilakanta Sastri

37. Siamese White by Maurice Collis

39. Jahanara: Princess of Princesses by Kathryn Lasky

40. The Peacemakers: India and the Quest for One World by Manu Bhagavan

41. The Agrarian System of Mughal India 1556–1707 by Irfan Habib

42. The Lives of the Mughal Emperors by John Reeve

43. Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule by Mahatma Gandhi

44. Private Life of the Mughals of India by R. Nath

45. Untouchables: My Family’s Triumphant Journey Out of the Caste System in Modern India by Narendra Jadhav

46. Economic History Of Medieval India: A Survey by Irfan Habib

47. Early Medieval Indian Society: A Study in Feudalisation by R.S. Sharma

48. Our Bones Are Scattered: The Cawnpore Massacres and The Indian Mutiny Of 1857 by Andrew Ward

49. Atlas of the Mughal Empire by Irfan Habib

50. Early Records Of British India by James Talboys Wheeler

51. Ancient India: New Research by Upinder Singh

53. Wonder That Was India, Part 2 by S.A.A. Rizvi

54. Modern India, 1885 1947 by Sumit Sarkar

55. Hind Swaraj and Other Writings by Mahatma Gandhi

56. Late Victorian Holocausts: El Niño Famines and the Making of the Third World by Mike Davis

57. India Since Independence by Bipan Chandra

58. The Guardians of Karma by M. Vizhakat

59. The Secret History of Iran by Hamad Subani

60. Divine Akbar and Holy India by Farzana Moon

61. Heaven’s Command: An Imperial Progress (The Pax Britannica Trilogy, #1) by Jan Morris

62. Anu: The Raj Years by Shabnam Vasisht

63. Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom by Andrew Duff

64. Midnight’s Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India’s Partition by Nisid Hajari

65. Freedom movement and Indian Muslims by Santimoy Roy

66. City of Victory: The Rise and Fall of Vijayanagara by Ratnakar Sadasyula

67. Annihilation of Caste: The Annotated Critical Edition by B.R. Ambedkar

68. A Princess Remembers: The Memoirs of the Maharani of Jaipur by Gayatri Devi

69. The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan by Ayesha Jalal

70. Pax Britannica: Climax of an Empire by Jan Morris

71. Anu: The Nomad Years by Shabnam Vasisht

72. Khairlanji: A Strange And Bitter Crop by Anand Teltumbde

73. Maharani by Diwan Jarmani Dass

74. Farewell The Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat by Jan Morris

75. India Unbound by Gurcharan Das

76. We Also Made History: Women in the Ambedkarite Movement by Urmila Pawar

77. The Mulberry Empire by Philip Hensher

78. Maharaja: The lives, loves and intrigues of the Maharajas of India by Diwan Jarmani Dass

80. South India Under the Cholas by Y. Subbarayalu

81. Dalit Visions: The Anti Caste Movement And The Construction Of An Indian Identity, Rev. Edition, Pa by Gail Omvedt

82. Ancient India by R.C. Majumdar

83. The Origins of Yoga and Tantra: Indic Religions to the Thirteenth Century by Geoffrey Samuel

84. The Madurai Sultanate: A Concise History by Sandeep Balakrishna

85. Borders and Boundaries: How Women Experienced the Partition of India by Ritu Menon

86. Women of the Raj: The Mothers, Wives, and Daughters of the British Empire in India by Margaret MacMillan

87. Karma Cola: Marketing the Mystic East by Gita Mehta

88. The Emergency: A Personal History by Coomi Kapoor

89. Plain Tales from the Raj by Charles Allen

90. The Rani of Jhansi: Gender, History, and Fable in India by Harleen Singh

91. Art of Osian Temples by Asha Kalia

92. People Without History: India’s Muslim Ghettos by Jeremy Seabrook

93. The Golden Calm: An English Lady’s Life in Moghul Delhi by M.M. Kaye

94. A Corner of a Foreign Field: The Indian History of a British Sport by Ramachandra Guha

95. Pilgrims Of The Stars by Dilip Kumar Roy

96. Dishonoured by History: Criminal Tribes and British Colonial Policy by Meena Radhakrishna

97. Rewriting History: Life and Times of Pandita Ramabai by Uma Chakravarti

98. The Raj by Lawrence James

99. MAHAD: The Making of the First Dalit Revolt by Anand Teltumbde

100. India’s Silent Revolution: The Rise of the Lower Castes in North India by Christophe Jaffrelot

Source: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/14527.Indian_History

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