100 Best Books About Tudor England

100 Best Books About Tudor England

The Tudor period is the period between 1485 and 1603 in England and Wales and includes the Elizabethan period which ends with the completion of the reign of Elizabeth I in 1603. The Tudor period coincides with the rule of the Tudor dynasty in England whose first monarch was Henry VII (1457–1509).

1. The Other Boleyn Girl (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #9) by Philippa Gregory

2. The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir

3. The Boleyn Inheritance (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #10) by Philippa Gregory

4. The Constant Princess (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #6) by Philippa Gregory

5. Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1) by Hilary Mantel

6. The Queen’s Fool (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #12) by Philippa Gregory

7. Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir

8. The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers by Margaret George

9. The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir

10. The Virgin’s Lover (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #13) by Philippa Gregory

11. The Children of Henry VIII by Alison Weir

12. The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir

13. Bring Up the Bodies (Thomas Cromwell, #2) by Hilary Mantel

14. The Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser

15. Dissolution (Matthew Shardlake, #1) by C.J. Sansom

16. Mary Queen of Scotland and The Isles by Margaret George

17. Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII by David Starkey

18. The Other Queen (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #15) by Philippa Gregory

19. Henry VIII: The King and His Court by Alison Weir

20. The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn by Alison Weir

21. Sovereign (Matthew Shardlake, #3) by C.J. Sansom

22. I, Elizabeth by Rosalind Miles

23. Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser

24. Dark Fire (Matthew Shardlake, #2) by C.J. Sansom

25. Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne by David Starkey

26. The Last Boleyn by Karen Harper

27. Revelation (Matthew Shardlake, #4) by C.J. Sansom

28. Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens by Jane Dunn

29. The Last Wife of Henry VIII by Carolly Erickson

30. My Lady of Cleves: A Novel of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves by Margaret Campbell Barnes

31. The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn by Robin Maxwell

32. The Lady in the Tower (Queens of England, #4) by Jean Plaidy

33. The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir

34. Armada by Robert Carter

35. Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford by Julia Fox

36. Murder Most Royal (Tudor Saga, #5) by Jean Plaidy

37. The Daughter of Time (Inspector Alan Grant, #5) by Josephine Tey

38. The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain

39. A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt

40. Brief Gaudy Hour: A Novel of Anne Boleyn by Margaret Campbell Barnes

41. The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn by Eric Ives

42. Legacy by Susan Kay

43. The Sisters Who Would Be Queen by Leanda de Lisle

44. The Rose Without a Thorn (Queens of England, #11) by Jean Plaidy

45. Katharine of Aragon: The Wives of Henry VIII (Tudor Saga, #2–4) by Jean Plaidy

46. Mary, Bloody Mary (Young Royals, #1) by Carolyn Meyer

47. Heartstone (Matthew Shardlake, #5) by C.J. Sansom

48. Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544 (Royal Diaries #1) by Kathryn Lasky

49. Queen’s Own Fool (Stuart Quartet, #1) by Jane Yolen

50. My Enemy, the Queen by Victoria Holt

51. The White Queen (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #2) by Philippa Gregory

52. The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty by G.J. Meyer

53. Doomed Queen Anne (Young Royals, #3) by Carolyn Meyer

54. The Concubine by Norah Lofts

55. In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, #6) by Jean Plaidy

56. Bloody Mary: The Life of Mary Tudor by Carolly Erickson

57. Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, Their Presence, Status and Origins by Onyeka

58. The White Princess (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels #5; The Cousins’ War #5) by Philippa Gregory

59. Catherine of Aragon by Garrett Mattingly

60. The Thistle and the Rose (Tudor Saga, #8) by Jean Plaidy

61. To the Tower Born: A Novel of the Lost Princes by Robin Maxwell

62. Young Bess (Elizabeth Trilogy, #1) by Margaret Irwin

63. The Sixth Wife (Tudor Saga, #7) by Jean Plaidy

64. Elizabeth I by Anne Somerset

65. Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England by Thomas Penn

66. The First Queen of England: The Myth of Bloody Mary by Linda Porter

67. Patience, Princess Catherine (Young Royals, #4) by Carolyn Meyer

68. To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn (Ladies in Waiting, #1) by Sandra Byrd

69. Henry VIII by William Shakespeare

70. Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey by Ann Rinaldi

71. Phoenix Rising: A novel of Anne Boleyn by Hunter S. Jones

72. Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a Country by Kathryn Lasky

73. The Queen’s Lady (Thornleigh, #1) by Barbara Kyle

74. The King’s Pleasure by Norah Lofts

75. The Queen of Subtleties: A Novel of Anne Boleyn by Suzannah Dunn

76. Beware, Princess Elizabeth (Young Royals, #2) by Carolyn Meyer

77. A Lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn by Laurien Gardner

78. Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Vanora Bennett

79. Elizabeth’s London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London by Liza Picard

80. Three Maids for a Crown by Ella March Chase

81. The Pleasure Palace (Secrets of the Tudor Court, #1) by Kate Emerson

82. Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World by Alison Weir

83. The Tudor Chronicles: 1485–1603 by Susan Doran

84. The Virgin Queen’s Daughter by Ella March Chase

85. The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn: Family Politics at the Court of Henry VIII by Retha M. Warnicke

86. Edward VI: The Lost King of England by Chris Skidmore

87. Elizabeth & Leicester: Power, Passion, Politics by Sarah Gristwood

88. The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England by Ian Mortimer

89. The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner

90. Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare by Stephen Greenblatt

91. Plain Jane by Laurien Gardner

92. Queen of This Realm (Queens of England, #2) by Jean Plaidy

93. Mary, Queen of France (Tudor Saga, #9) by Jean Plaidy

94. A Queens Spy: The Fitzwarren Trials by Samantha Burnell

95. The Boleyn King (Boleyn Trilogy, #1) by Laura Andersen

96. Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn by Henry VIII of England

97. Between Two Queens (Secrets of the Tudor Court, #2) by Kate Emerson

98. Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman

99. Mary Queen of Scots and The Murder of Lord Darnley by Alison Weir

100. The Secret Bride (In The Court of Henry VIII, #1) by Diane Haeger



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