Best Do-It-Yourself Books

32 Books Picked by Markham Public Library Staff

  1. Geek Mom: Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st Century Families
  2. Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know : Instructions for Life From the Everyday to the Exotic by Fagerstrom, Derek
  3. The Real Man’s Guide to Fixin’ Stuff: How to Repair Anything You Need (or Just Want) to Know How to Fix by Harper, Nick
  4. How to Do Just About Anything: Solve Problems, Save Money, Have Fun
  5. It’s Easy to Fake — Rock Guitar by Bennett, Joe
  6. The Gentleman’s Guide to Life: What Every Guy Should Know About Living Large, Loving Well, Feeling Strong, and Looking Good by Friedman, Steve
  7. You Can Do It!: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-up Girls by Grandcolas, Lauren Catuzzi
  8. The Everygirl’s Guide to Life by Menounos, Maria
  9. Fake It: : More Than 100 Shortcuts Every Woman Needs to Know by Byrne, Jennifer
  10. More Show Me How: Everything We Couldn’t Fit in the First Book : Instructions for Life From the Everyday to the Exotic by Fagerstrom, Derek
  11. The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-man Advice for First-time Fathers by Mactavish, Scott
  12. Show Mom How: The Handbook for the Brand-new Mom by Hines-Stephens, Sarah
  13. Show Dad How: The Brand New Dad’s Guide to Baby’s First Year by Bean, Shawn
  14. The Urban Survival Handbook: The Essential Guide to Dealing With Emergencies at Home, at Work and on the City Streets ; Expert Advice Shown Step-by-step in 500 Photographs and Diagrams by Cook, Harry
  15. Complete Survival Manual by Sweeney, Michael S.
  16. Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to Do Anything-fast! by Pantalon, Michael V.
  17. SAS Survival Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere by Wiseman, John
  18. Outdoor Survival Guide by Gerke, Randy
  19. The Complete Worst-case Scenario Survival Handbook by Piven, Joshua
  20. The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms: Things You Need to Know That No One Ever Tells You by Wells, Erica
  21. The Ultimate Survival Manual by Johnson, Richard
  22. Survival: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Staying Alive in Extreme Conditions and Emergency Situations in All Environments, Anywhere in the World
  23. The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure
  24. The Doomsday Survival Handbook: A Bucket List for Every Conceivable Apocalypse by Murphy, David P.
  25. How to Grow Practically Everything by Allaway, Zia
  26. The Gentleman’s Instant Genius Guide: Become An Expert in Everything by Cutler, Tom
  27. How to Make {almost} Everything: A Do-it-yourself Primer by Berger, Shoshana
  28. Show Off: How to Do Absolutely Everything, One Step at A Time by Hines-Stephens, Sarah
  29. How to Do Everything and Still Have Time for Yourself by Walter, Dawna
  30. How to Do Absolutely Everything: Homegrown Projects From Do-it-yourself Experts
  31. How to Do Everything and Be Happy: A Straight-talking Guide to Creating Happiness in your Life by Jones, Peter
  32. How to Do Everything: A Completely Exhaustive Guide to Do-it-yourself and Self-help by Smith, Steve

Source: Markham, Bookadvice

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