1187 Ideas

1) A Wikipedia for WW2 testimonials
2) A way for software developers to donate their time to charity
3) A place for rich people to send their kids so they get humbled before they go to college
4) an actual business that you pay to go into and beat the crap out of stuff like old cars
5) Twitter, except it's anonymous, and you can share all you secrets
6) A website that you subscribe to and it sends you a personalized motivational text every morning
7) You know those photo frames that are digital? Instead of photos they can display motivational photos or quotes.
8) A website like linkedin, except a company pays you to work for them for two weeks with the option of extending to full-time.
9) An alarm clock that calls your ex if you don't get up. Or picks a random photo in your phone and sends it to your parents.
10) An aquarium desktop background. But seriously nowadays we can do better. We can improve it to make it awesome again!
11) Coffee shop where they bring the coffee and pastries to your table. No tips required
12) A heavy coat with a hawaiian shirt pattern
13) A website where you input what kind of bread you want, like banana pumpkin bread, and they custom make it and ship it to you.
Then there's a voting system where the most popular breads get voted to the top and are mass produced.
14) caricatures on demand
15) In-n-out sauce mass produced and sold in grocery stores
16) A coffee shop that's just a window
17) Personal coaching should be more like... utilized
18) Soda that gets you drunk
19) A coffee shop... ON A ROOF!
20) Robot horses for Central Park.
21) An alarm clock that's actually a light that simulates the sunrise. I know they already invented that.
22) A cuff that goes on your arm and vibrates when it's time to wake up. Would be good for people who sleep with ear plugs or don't
want to wake other people up.
23) Windows that let air in when they're closed. I have no idea if that could actually work.
24) Handicap parking spots have little chips in them that connect to a chip under a handicap car... if it doesn't detect a chip
in the car it gives you a ticket.
25) Plants you can buy and you water them with a special water that makes them turn colors like blue.
26) Chia pet wigs.
27) All cops should have body cams by now
28) Stolen from reddit: water cups that dissolve when in contact with sugar/soda.
29) A website that takes random words from the dictionary then arranges them to make crazy ideas with the click of a button.
30) A sock washer. I always feel like the bottoms of my socks get dirty. I wish I could find a way to make them white again.
31) A cross between James Altucher's iii:am and Lynda (online programming tutorials).
32) Bookstore like workshop cafe. You go in, can read any books you want and pay by the hour. Plus comfy chairs and soothing quiet music
in the background.
33) A board game designed specifically for when your power goes out.
34) Wallets made out of the fabric of old couches. Do they need to be waterproof?
35) A combination between a coffee shop and a bookstore. Also steal from that workshop cafe idea I posted earlier.
36) An amusement park that only serves super healthy food.
37) A flag that stays up even when it's not windy.
38) Blinds that are vertical so dust doesn't collect on them.
39) A VC bank for average people that have good ideas.
40) An airplane company that has live entertainment on the plane. Like Macbeth.
41) Uber for commuting.
42) A robot that walks your dogs. Or even an on demand service that walks your dogs for you. Uber for dogs. Am I doing Uber overkill here?
43) Startup houses that are run by professionals and kept clean and cheap
44) A way of sharing HBO with people that is legal
45) A really cheap service that you can use to send flowers to people. Not like a bouquet, just a single flower. Just to let them know
you're thinking of them.
46) Handheld laptop bags. Because when you wear a backpack or a strapped case it makes you sweaty in hot weather.
47) Sleeping mask but for your ears. OKAY, I KNOW EARPLUGS EXIST. But there's gotta be a better way and more comfortable way of keeping the outside
quiet when you're trying to sleep.
48) Glasses that act as a flashlight but don't have any glare. So you can read your book in the dark but it doesn't hurt your eyes
or irritate/ wake up other people.
49) What ever happened to those ion cleaner weird air fan things? Are the ions still killing me? Do I need to buy one?
50) Crowdfunding for homeless people
51) Uber except they send people to take care of you when you're sick. Okay, that's enough Uber.
52) Headphones that don't actually play music, they just act like ear plugs that you can wear when you're sleeping.
53) A restaurant where you can taste like a little bit of every entree instead of looking at a menu, then pick the one you want
to have a full meal of.
54) A fake cover for a PC that makes it look like a mac
55) An app where people walking by your house can be notified about who you are if you feel like socializing and just kind of
meet strangers on the fly. It sounds unsafe but some kinks could probably be worked out
56) A whiteboard/chalkboard with no residue. IS IT POSSIBLE?
57) Soles of your shoe that are resistant to sticky substances like gum
58) A way to give your phone charge to your computer and vice versa
59) A service that cleans your shoes. Seriously, how do you clean regular shoes. I don't understand. Do you just throw them in the washer?
60) Okay, okay, the last uber one. An uber app where you can call a car to come and pick up your food and unused supplies, clothing, etc
to donate them to charity.
61) A notebook that you write into that immediately digitizes your notes and sends them to your computer.
62) Something that looks like a book but can change depending on what book you program into it. Like those newspapers in Harry Potter.
63) A bar right next to a baseball/football stadium where you can down a bunch of cheap drinks before you go to the game.
64) Nutritional trail mix. Like it has vitamins and minerals in it. And electrolytes.
65) VR headset that stimulates your dreams while you sleep.
66) You know the facebook poke button? A way to do that with your professional contacts if you just want to check in with them. Well,
I mean you can already do that by giving them a call or a text but like, maybe something simpler than that.
67) A way to relieve the annoyance of automated robot phone systems.
68) Cough or cold medicine with caffeine in it.
69) Dorms for software developers in San Francisco. Would make living a lot cheaper. And without the meal plans of course.
70) Alternative college that you only go to for two years but is designed to get you a serious grown up job like engineer or doctor etc
71) A communal dishwasher that makes it easier to deal with.
72) Pets for mental health relief. I mean they already made that but like, that counts as an idea.
73) Bubbles you can eat. Like you blow the bubbles, then you can put them in your mouth and they taste good. No calories either.
74) Digital paintings.
75) A kind of residue/resin you can put on wood that's started to splinter. So it will smooth it out without making the wood look crappy.
76) You know how a lot of buildings in the city have shitty ceilings? Like, linoleum for ceilings.
77) Rubber couch
78) Fire alarm that attaches to your clothes. So you can have a fire alarm even in a place that doesn't have it installed. Or maybe for
your car.
79) An app that connects to your facebook and lets you anonymously give people feedback. Like, just general feedback.
80) Gag popcorn that looks like it's made out of asbestos.
81) Not really a new idea, but someone should make earmuffs popular again.
82) Neon lights for your car.
83) Sunglasses where you click a button and it blacks them out, so you can take a nap.
84) Manila folders that aren't manila colored!
85) American flag socks. Well, actually american flag anything.
86) A chair that can fit in your backpack.
87) Decorative woven cotton wire covers
88) Leather socks
89) A way to efficiently access your computer through your phone. Like kind of like Teamviewer, except it would be optimized so there would be no
issues using a touch screen instead of clicking.
90) Something as small as a credit card that you can stick in your wallet but it charges your phone. Like it just gives you
maybe 20% but it's for emergencies and you would always carry it with you.
91) Company recruiting service that lets you spend a whole work day with an employee instead of interviewing etc.
92) Electronic whiteboard
93) Toe covers that protect your toes from getting blisters.
94) A service that you can use to pay people (any people) to answer questions. Like if I wanted to ask what it was like to work at Google,
I could pay a Google employee through their website and they would answer any of my questions.
95) Hand sanitizer dispensers in subways
96) Something that you spray on your feet at the end of the day that makes them not smell.
97) A coffee shop that charges a monthly fee and you can stop by whenever to grab coffee. Most likely it would be on an honor
system where you would only go a max of two times per day. God knows how many times some people would go to get unlimited coffee.
98) A service like thinkful or hack hands where engineers give advice to amateur engineers. Except this service would be like hack hands except
for foreign language students to ask questions of native speakers or language teachers.
99) Eraseable sharpie
100) An app that grabs every contact from every social network and compiles them into like a universal contact book. Because right now in the apple
contact app you have to like manually put everything in. Even if you integrate facebook sometimes it can make it all messed up and ugly.
101) Cup holders made of sandpaper
102) Skin colored tiny band aids that you put on your face to stop yourself from picking zits
103) Cologne that doubles as a bug repellant
104) Eye contacts that have instagram filters
105) Shirts that change color depending on the temperature
106) Shirts that change color when they get wet. Maybe not great if you're sweating. Or maybe awesome?
107) Holographic home decorations so you don't have to buy a ton of shit from Crate & Barrel or Pier Imports or whatever
108) Headphones that are inside a beanie
109) Gloves that make your hands stick to a wall and you can climb them like a spider. Defective ones would
probably make people die though...
110) Vertical ironing board
111) Coffee pills that you put in regular water and it magically turns to coffee that doesn't taste like dirt
112) Upside down showers
113) Shoes that you put on and they automagically massage your feet.
114) A site where you put in your desired salary and your employer puts in their desired salary for you and the site does the negotiating for you!
115) Apple should make computers with different fruits on them.
116) A backpack that goes on your front. A frontpack. I guess they already do that though for tourists in countries where people
like to steal stuff out of your backpack.
117) Bring fanny packs back!
118) Flexible water bottles. Like made out of... rubber or something. So they don't make a lot of noise
119) Pumpkins that you can carve but they don't rot. GMO??
120) Soundproof bathrooms
121) A visual representation of a github repo over time
122) Mosquito repellant cologne. Wait, did I already do that? Oops. Still counts this time.
123) Mosquito repellant breath mints
124) Detergent gel
125) Chairs that recline so you can lay down
126) A device that lets you lie down in supine position and still type on your computer or read a book or whatever
127) An iphone case that holds gum
128) Liquid nitrogen for mosquito bites to make them not itch. Not sure if that's dangerous. Lots of dangerous ideas today.
129) Sharpie that you can spray
130) Refrigerator stickers for your car
131) Reusable tissues
132) Solar panels for the moon
133) Underwater solar panels in the ocean
134) CSI video game
135) IRC app for iphone/android
136) modern version of usenet
137) chapstick for your elbows
138) automatic head scratcher machine
139) a better way of washing clothes than washing machine and dryer. like a steamer or something
140) sunglasses with shutter lenses
141) anti acid reflux soda
142) garbage collecting drones
143) garbage collecting rc cars
144) rc cars that adults can ride on. remember those hummers they made for kids?
145) A clock with like six hands that has three different time zones
146) bean bags literally filled with beans
147) one of those sleeping cds filled with passing car sounds at night
148) A way to transfer charge between your phone and your laptop
149) A book that has two books, like on every left page is one book and every right page is the other
150) soylent that doesnt taste like crushed oatmeal shake
151) keyboards that are shaped to fit in your lap
152) headphones that are made of rubber
153) a personal blog directory that you can easily browse through
154) blockbuster for books. IT IS DIFFERENT FROM A LIBRARY in that they carry the most recent and popular titles,
and that is why you pay to rent them out. or unlimited for a monthly fee like netflix
155) a less acidic version of coffee. like odulles for coffee.
156) an app that you give your location, then it matches you with the nearest, cheapest, highest quality doctor
for your specific case. it takes the hassle out of scheduling doctor appointments, especially in new cities etc
157) khan academy for art
158) computer monitors that look like the kindle screens
159) electronic whiteboards
160) cigs/cigars that make colorful smoke. Probably could also work for e-cigs
161) an automatic machine that thinks of ideas for you
162) cruise ships for people that are almost dead
163) i hate zits
164) Furniture rental
165) electric mop
166) biking shoes that light up
167) powdered sugar lollipops
168) sweatshirt for your legs
169) shoes that float
170) subways should have hand sanitizer dispensers
171) blogging website where you dictate your blog post and it will convert it to text for you
172) caffeine injections
173) mouses for tablets - I think the correct word is mice, the electronic ones
174) wood shoes
175) back pocket on your sweatshirt that holds a laptop like a kangaroo pouch
176) aluminum shirts
177) a sound monitor for your house that lets you know if someone broke in
178) concerts on twitch.tv
179) flip flops with covers just so you don't get the wind chill on your toes. like slippers but they
can be taken seriously
180) pets for your pets
181) some pill that reduces the effect of caffeine
182) slippers that vibrate and heat up
183) socks that change color depending on the temperature
184) airbnb except the host also gives you a tour around their city. would prob cost a lot more
185) sheets that stick to your clothes so they never come off at night
186) pillows that clean themselves
187) doors not made of wood
188) sweatshirts that have optional gloves. like theyre attached but theres a way of hiding them if
you don't want to wear them
189) keyboards made of wood
190) wireless earbuds for when you run
191) Backpack that has an umbrella attached to the top so it protects you from the sun and rain
192) gum that is made to be swallowed
193) Clothes dyeing service or better yet, a free service by fashion students to spice up your old clothes
194) ipads with screens that you can write on with expo markers
195) transparent shoes
196) hollow lightbulbs
197) gum that doesn't stick to stuff so students can't stick it under their desk or on the bus
198) books sold with a pair of ear plugs
199) shoes that double as vacuum cleaners. or swiffers
200) jeans with built in suspenders that go under your shirt
201) robot cats
202) a real pumpkin filled with the ingredients you need to make pumpkin pie
203) fruity coffee
204) chocolate covered coffee beans
205) coffee covered chocolate beans
206) glove dispensers on the muni
207) inside out bagels
208) knife except the end is blunt so you can't stab anyone with it
209) uber for laundry
210) coffee based on alcoholic drinks
211) vacuum sealed fruits
212) rubber wrist watch
213) keyboards made of the lava lamp stuff
214) tie dye shoes
215) tie dye hats
216) subway sandwiches that look like a subway car
217) books that stay open
218) built in stand in laptop
219) rolling beanbag
220) edible fake money
221) flavored musical instruments
222) a clothing store where you pay a monthly fee and you can wear whatever they have
223) mesh socks
224) mesh beanie. wait, isn't that a hairnet?
225) roll on cologne
226) a running shoe/dress shoe hybrid
227) shoes coated in teflon
228) luggage that has that hole thing in it that you attach your vacuum to and it vacuum seals it
229) earbuds covered in velvet
230) water guns that shoot glow in the dark water
231) pumpkin pie that is shaped like a pumpkin
232) beard shampoo
233) sweatpants that hide your sweat like dri fit
234) running shoes for adults that light up. would be esp good for night running
235) exercise classes specifically for programmers
236) a refrigerator backpack
237) a bandaid designed specifically for paper cuts to make them hurt less
238) a website where you make a post about yourself and other people decide what the best career for you is
239) a website where you can web chat with a lawyer for a flat rate
240) colorful cola
241) sweatshirts with hoodies that have headphones in them. but you can remove them when you
need to wash them
242) spandex sweatshirts
243) inflatable shoes
244) backpacks that have built in phone chargers
245) cough syrup except it's not for a cough its for a headache. so headache syrup
246) an online record player
247) virtual reality basketball
248) chairs that you can sit sideways in
249) robot that automatically cuts your hair
250) something safer than q tips for cleaning ears
251) insider guides for tourists to feel like a native
252) mental hospitals designed specifically for homeless people
253) carpet for ceilings and walls
254) 10c surcharge for disposable cups at starbucks
255) an app that shows where the homeless people are in san francisco
256) an app that shows in real time where the densest traffic is in the city
257) speakers in shoes
258) jeans that are khaki colored
259) gum that biodegrades quickly
260) glass coffee cups
261) an app that translates a TOS (terms of service) into plain english
262) A vodka or champagne bottle that looks like a fire extinguisher
263) headphones inside a bicycle or motorcycle helmet
264) biodegradable diapers
265) shoes with gold bottoms
266) polyester socks
267) automatic hair braider machine
268) automatic condom making machine
269) digital whistle
270) rubber headphone covers so they don't fall out of your ears
271) cronuts that don't taste like shit
272) fetty wap voice modulizer app
273) books made out of edible paper
274) water cups that have fake holes in them
275) jeans that have a bunch of jeans on them. like a decorative pattern so they're like jean jeans
276) jeans that say billy. billy jeans
277) coffee popsicles
278) walnut milk
279) coconut pizza
280) stickers that you put on your nails instead of nail polish
281) Portable microwave
282) Illegal immigrants are granted citizenship after working and paying taxes for a period of time
283) Camera in your shoe
284) Digital paintings
285) Shirts that have paintings on them by freelance artists. Like a site sells them from different
artists for a reasonable price.
286) Flying trash can drones
287) A service that comes to your house for like $5 and gets rid of all the things you don't want
288) Uber for cleaning ladies
289) Painting on a large flat rock that you can put on your wall
290) A watch made out of glass. Or something that looks similar to glass but doesn't
break as easily.
291) an app called payback where you pay people to get your revenge. like, in a civil way
292) James brown soundboard or voicemail message generator
293) tripod for your phone
294) remote karate lessons via webcam
295) a millisecond timer
296) a reverse doorknob
297) you know those things that you crack and they warm up? use that stuff to warm your food
298) hair gel for places other than your head
299) an app that delivers a party to you!
300) online flannel shirt generator
301) rimshot app or a website where you click a button to make a rimshot
302) an app where you say a catchphrase and it tells you where its from
303) instead of those mug huggers that keep you from burning your hand on your coffee use a recycled sock
304) an app that plays ocean sounds until it detects you've gone to sleep then it turns off your phone
305) hot iced tea
306) snapple made out of apples
307) hollowed out fruits as drink cups
308) edible plates
309) edible napkins
310) vegetable cookies
311) send a letter to someone famous and ask their advice
312) pizza with the toppings under the cheese
313) pizza with toppings in the crust
314) post-its that are sticky on both sides
315) airbnb for office space
316) sweatshirts that zip up on the back
317) shoes that you zip instead of tie
318) bubble gum flavored mints
319) aa batteries that you can plug in
320) flip flops made of recycled shoes
321) carbonated water infused with fruit juice
322) edible post it notes
323) service that intentionally paints your car like a taxi
324) cardboard clothes for homeless people (cardboard couture?)
325) candles that smell like good food
326) food that smells like candles
327) coffee slurpee
328) shoes made out of recycled corn husks
329) popcorn except it's made out of something else that pops...
330) a device that attaches to your waist and holds a book in front of your face
so you don't have to strain your neck
331) tea pods that you drop in hot water instead of tea bags. they dissolve so
you don't have to try to fish out the tea bag and throw it away
332) carbonated spirits
333) elastic belts
334) GMO potatoes that taste like a seasoned baked potato
335) popsicles that look like politicians
336) an apartment complex specifically designed for community living.
like campus, except not a failed startup. improve on whatever made them fail - it looks like
aiming for the high end market was an issue
337) champagne flavored orange juice. except it's non alcoholic like odulles and super cheap.
so you can start every morning feeling like the 1%
338) orange flavored latte
339) pumpkin flavored ice cream
340) banana soda
341) bahn mi grilled cheese
342) Water bottles made of rubber
343) College designed for one specific job
344) job sponsored toastmasters
345) Refugee island
346) Shrink wrap for food
347) Busses for rich people
348) Scented tissues
349) Battery powered skateboards
350) Paper shoes
351) water balloons filled with cleaning liquid so cleaning your house is more fun
352) Fantasy football except it generates fake footage of all your players together
353) trash cans that have a pipe at the bottom automatically sending everything to a reservoir
354) coffee delivery service
355) ice cream delivery service
356) ice cream with coffee bean chunks in it
357) ice cubes made of coffee
358) An internship that takes place in a new country every month
359) A calculator that understands plain english (voice)
360) coffee flavored bubble gum
361) legal pads that have a different color for every page
362) carbonated ice cubes
363) carbonated ice cream
364) sprite float
365) mesh sunglasses cover
366) coffee straws
367) aluminum sunglass frames
368) washing machine that depills clothes
369) jean short shorts
370) jean hat
371) shortbread shaped like shorts
372) a cafe designed for business meetings and catching up with friends, so like it's soundproofed maybe?
373) a service that connects dogs that need to be walked with obese people who need to walk
374) rainbow taxis
375) rainbow hair dye
376) incense deodorant/cologne
377) sweatpants that look like jeans
378) an apartment complex with a subsidized grocery store built into it
379) you know how they have food co-ops? how about a school/education co-op.
380) an island for homeless people
381) air freshener that fits in your pocket
382) uber designed to take you from public transport destination straight to your doorstop for pennies
383) chairs that you buy at the store and can easily decorate them yourself
384) a service where if you're having a bad day you can borrow a shelter dog
385) microwaveable raw pasta
386) pasta sauce with 24k gold flakes in it
387) heels that have invisible filling so it doesn't feel like you're walking in heels
388) startup pitch generator website
389) a service where you pay someone to go to a conference then pretends to be you and networks with people
390) coffee with vitamins
391) news articles on water bottles
392) digital posters
393) a frame on your wall that uploads the front page of new york times every morning
394) orange socks
395) socks that smell like oranges
396) mugs with built in straws
397) an alarm that rings a few times a day reminding you what your priorities are
398) frappucino without sugar and maybe add protein
399) protein water
400) edible newspaper
401) brown paper bags that aren't brown
402) spaghetti made of bread
403) baked ice cream
404) public cubbies in the city
405) bike stealer vigilante service
406) ceiling fans that spin vertically
407) gyms that pay you to go
408) windows that clean themselves
409) skateboards that run on gasoline
410) adopt a rapper program
411) a gym that gives you a monthly discount based on your bmi
412) aluminum foil pants
413) night vision goggles for truck drivers
414) an app that explains all the currently trending hashtags on twitter
415) flowers that grow in reverse
416) suits made out of nike dri-fit
417) shoes designed to be put in the washing machine without breaking their form
418) take out boxes made out of thick rice paper
419) milkshakes with artificial sweetener
420) in honor of 420 - marijuana milkshakes
421) coffee mugs that are made out of recycled coffee plants
422) a backscratching blanket that you can lay on
423) peanuts that taste like other nuts
424) alcoholic protein shakes
425) a curvy iphone called a jphone
426) odulles for vodka
427) peanut butter jelly quesadilla
428) GMO apples with caramel flavor in it
429) the talking trout thing that you can attach to the front of your car
430) Indian sushi
431) a service where you talk to someone on the phone about your job goals and life and they make a resume
for you in less than 30 minutes.
432) a restaurant where they give you the recipe for whatever you order when you're done eating
433) chair that sits on a roomba so it can drive you around
434) free weight loss program where they send you to the desert and you have to find your way back
435) every guy spends a significant amount of their life shaving. we need shave consultants to
make shaving as pleasant of an experience as possible
436) shoes that have tv screens on them
437) sugar-ed pretzels
438) head wax for balding people
439) beard donation for the less fortunate
440) concrete rings
441) carbonated milk
442) root beer ice cream
443) talking trash cans that compliment you when you put something in it
444) neck warmers for giraffes
445) whiteboards that are black
446) books made of kelp
447) a phone and wallet hybrid
448) gum flavored food
449) food flavored gum
450) elevators that have quick exercise machines in them
451) peanuts with extra protein
452) chocolate covered peanuts
453) peanut reeses
454) beard softener cream
455) coconut covered almonds
456) running shoes that are covered in reflective material
457) socks that are covered in reflective material
458) chewing gum that has vitamins or caffeine in it
459) hats with reflective tape on them
460) whiteboard markers that smell like fruit
461) crowdsourced maps that says where people go the most often or fav places
462) carbonated coffee
463) bars that have a section for underage people where they have odulles
464) a starbucks inside a starbucks
465) iphones that run android
466) cars that have glow in the dark wheels
467) concrete shoes
468) spotify for movies
469) uber for haircuts
470) diet chocolate
471) savory soda
472) shower that heats up the rest of the room so when you get out you're still warm
473) warm floor tiles
474) vegan fried chicken
475) nair branded for mens faces
476) shoes that are made to last a lifetime
477) ipads for mute people to help them talk
478) t shirts with turtle necks
479) chewing gum that has an appetite suppressant
480) home milkshake maker
481) sock dryer for when it rains and you get wet socks
482) hydrophobic socks
483) spicy pancakes, maybe pumpkin
484) reeses lollipops
485) chewy gummy lollipops
486) virtual job interview service
487) a fancy pants restaurant that only serves breakfast
488) a service where you switch jobs with someone in the same industry across the world for 3 months
489) waterproof running shoes
490) disposable umbrellas
491) tinder for food
492) app to post ideas that drunk people have
493) an app that connects drunk or high people with enterpreneurs to give them ideas
494) live stream karaoke
495) free boats for homeless people
496) yelp for barbers
497) live streaming for drunk people
498) tinder for biceps
499) uber for coffee
500) bring back the dinosaurs
501) messaging for github
502) popsicle delivery on a hot day. like it's a government funded charity to make the city happy
503) github AI detector to automatically solve merge issues
504) a chrome extension that adds a chatroom to every page on the internet
505) a website that you put a bunch of ideas into and it tells you objectively the best idea
506) a website where drunk people can entertain people for money
507) a phone cover that changes color depending on heat
508) a mood ring that tightens whenever you get angry
509) an anonymous essay writing platform
510) twitter for poetry
511) locks for your bagel bags to stop bagel thieves
512) anonymous polling service for college lectures
513) a cover for your phone that displays the date and time on the back
514) uber for homeless people
515) airbnb for pets
516) blogging platform for kids
517) cookies with fruit in them
518) fruitcake for the whole year round
519) brownie lollipops like cake pops
520) interactive vim tutorial in browser
521) free programming classes at libraries
522) vegetable flavored candy
523) grape on a stick
524) liquid graphite pens
525) cameras in your home that determine your pet's mood when you leave
526) a city where cars drive above ground but all the sidewalks are below ground
527) a blog platform specifically made for people trying to lose weight
528) an IDE that has real time chat with team members or people who are working on similar projects
529) a reality show that puts a bunch of drug using rock stars in a convent
530) instagram for programmers
531) aws tutorial for total beginners
532) justin bieber website that shows the progression of his music over time
533) blogs that you can only view if you're near the location they were posted
534) charity that gives domain names to promising web developers in 3rd world countries
535) service that hooks up a college freshman with a senior for a whole year and helps them get adjusted
536) beer that has protein
537) beer that gets you drunk but only on friday and saturday nights
538) tinder for homeless people
539) concert livestreams
540) tour bus livestreams for musicians (possibly on twitch.tv)
541) community lounge sponsored by cities (i.e. taxpayer money)
542) a school where you study in a different country for every semester
543) social workers that live in the projects
544) art gallery for kids under 5 years old
545) an app where you let other people listen to whatever you are listening to within a 1 mi radius
546) a dating website that matches you based on things you hate
547) a robot car that picks you up from an airport in a foreign city and generates a list
of touristy things to do then takes you to each one
548) High heels with rubber heels
549) pool with a glass bottom on the second floor of a house
550) electronic pool table where everything is virtual
551) neck pad to prevent neck pain while using the computer
552) neck warmer that is literally a cat
553) justin bieber action figure
554) bill cosby pudding pops (not sure if they will sell very good now)
555) messaging platform for github
556) hacker news chatroom
557) a website that calculates how long until you die / how long you've been alive
558) league of legends in real life
559) headphones that are 100% biodegradable
560) gum that tastes like italian food
561) earplugs that are sticky so they stay in your ear
562) website that integrates with facebook and makes a graph visualization with your social network
563) watch that vibrates depending on your mood
564) food that freshens your breath after you're finished eating it
565) watch that tells you it's time to get a watch
566) rainbow deodorant
567) deodorant that smells like food
568) edible highlighter
569) TAs for your life
570) shoes that are gum resistant
571) glasses that track your eye movements all day
572) wireless computer charger
573) jacket made out of a blanket
574) computer chair that supports your neck
575) tylenol that has ambien in it
576) fig newton without figs
577) animated curtains
578) air conditioner that puts fresh smells in the air
579) headphones with a cup holder
580) professional quote maker manual
581) gum that doesn't stick to surfaces like under desk, sidewalks, etc.
582) holographic newspaper ads
583) bring back the pet rock
584) healthy jamba juice. Like Suja but made fresh and cheaper.
585) fruit flavored cola
586) savory soda
587) nylon jackets that don't make crinkly noises
588) computer that tracks your face and automatically tilts the screen to reduce neck strain
589) wallet made out of carpet
590) waterproof carpet
591) watch that can switch between analog and digital
592) jeans made out of cashmere
593) lotion for your hair
594) sponges that are infused with soap
595) jackets that keep you cold instead of hot
596) hot ice cubes. like not made of ice but it keeps your drink hot
597) book that tells a different story if you start reading from the back
598) alarm clock that yells at you instead of ringing
599) blog website for pets
600) lollipops that contain vitamins - for kids
601) apple watch that detects your mood when running and plays music accordingly
602) athletic shoes that automatically cool off your feet
603) waterproof socks
604) reflective socks
605) antibacterial tissues
606) salsa for foods that are not mexican
607) water bottle that is compostable
608) rent a shelter dog service
609) sunglasses that absorb sunlight and converts it to energy
610) sunglasses that change color depending on the intensity of light
611) eraser that whitens after it erases
612) community office space paid for by the city
613) free coffee for monthly muni/bart pass holders
614) flash drive that also can project images
615) electronic water bottle that cools down its contents
616) iphone case that turns red when your phone is overheating
617) magazine about magazines
618) headphones combined with earmuffs
619) beanie that keeps your head cool but blocks noise, mainly for use while you sleep
maybe you can pull it over your eyes too to block out light
620) hair salon that gives you a surprise haircut every time
621) tie dye water glasses
622) water bottles with text that changes color indicating temperature
623) pencil eraser that makes your paper smell good
624) thot radar
625) headphones that amplify noise outside them
626) office chairs with seat warmers
627) office chairs with seat coolers
628) windbreaker that doesn't make crinkly noises
629) shower phone
630) a combination between wine and beer
631) spaghetti sauce with vitamins
632) digital magic 8 ball
633) electric bicycle
634) book where each chapter is a shortened version of a classic book
635) app to find the nearest public toilet
636) app to find where really nice cars are driving around
637) tv channel that just has audiobooks on 24/7
638) flavored rain
639) pumpkin spice almonds
640) blogging platform for charities
641) portable vinyl player
642) jacket made of hair
643) bus that has a bar in it
644) kindle that has the texture of a book cover
645) stickers that light up
646) beanie with a built in heater
647) breadsticks with marinara sauce inside them
648) inside out pizza
649) jean socks
650) exit signs that have built in fire & carbon monoxide detectors
651) a boat inside a boat
652) office chairs that massage your back while you work
653) sharpies that aren't permanent
654) public trash cans that automatically compact themselves
655) licorice flavored lollipop
656) savory churro
657) a guide to saving money written by a gangster
658) permanent expo markers
659) hand sanitizer that doesn't smell like alcohol
660) fetty wap voice modulator app
661) a restaurant that only sells mac and cheese
662) backpacks for pets
663) peanut butter and jelly breadsticks
664) bread that's fortified with protein
665) waterproof jeans
666) transparent jackets
667) movie theater where everyone has to share a free giant bucket of popcorn
668) digital stop signs
669) baguette with fruit baked in
670) painting where the center is blank but the art is on the frame
671) soylent for pets
672) stickers you can put on your zits
673) socks that light up like a christmas tree
674) weight scale that shows you a motivational message every time you step on it
675) get paid to translate foreign text and learn a language at the same time
676) protein bars that are made of fruit (like a lara bar)
677) TVs with personality
678) jacket with gloves that you can wear or hide in the sleeves
679) vine for musicians
680) alarm clock that punches you in the face when it's time to get up
681) burrito filled with chinese food (e.g. orange chicken)
682) protein bar that tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream
683) pita chips that are sour cream & onion flavored
684) savory soda
685) dessert nachos
686) waterproof baseball cap
687) shoes that tie themselves
688) post-it notes that smell good
689) colorful plastic water bottles
690) a laundry machine that you can play video games on while you're waiting
691) tissues that change color when they're used
692) headphones that massage your ears
693) turtlenecks for exercise
694) jean underwear
695) lightbulbs that change color when they need to be replaced
696) napkins that you can put in the dishwasher
697) gloves that cover your fingers but not your palms
698) vegetables that taste like fruit
699) fruit lasagna/dessert lasagna
700) all rubber wristwatch
701) protein water
702) glow in the dark whiteboards
703) febreeze bidet
704) drones that fly lunch to your office
705) backpacks that go on your front (frontpacks)
706) jackets that button up on the back
707) self buttoning/zipping jacket
708) robot pets
709) bao burger
710) dog therapist
711) pre-seasoned rice
712) rice with protein
713) dinner cereal
714) shoes for your hands
715) glow in the dark jackets
716) sunglasses for sports
717) ceiling fan that periodically sprays air freshener
718) battery powered skateboards
719) toothpaste that you can swallow
720) mouthwash that comes in ketchup packs (portable)
721) diet ice cream
722) pie made out of whipped cream
723) polyester dress shirts
724) waterproof beanie
725) socks for your ears
726) vanilla brownies (whities/honkies)
727) square water bottles
728) tinder for racists
729) doorknobs that sanitize themselves
730) headphones that double as ear muffs
731) water bottles made of glass
732) headphones made of glass
733) sunscreen bar like a soap bar
734) double sided monitor
735) chest hair comb
736) coffee cup that you drink upside down
737) keyboard that emits smells
738) gym for only fat people
739) fast food restaurant that discounts if you're fat
740) bike that charges your phone when you ride it
741) backpack that you wear on your head
742) beanie that you throw in the freezer and it cools your head
743) soundproof tent that you can take anywhere when you need some quiet
744) a book on how to write a book
745) shoes for dogs
746) glow in the dark pillows
747) pool table with hologram pool balls
748) beard wax
749) pain reliever soda
750) stress ball that talks back to you
751) subway for burritos
752) portable coffee mug that holds milk and sugar in the top
753) shoes that tie in the back
754) highlighters that are multiple colors
755) shirt with one long sleeve and one short sleeve
756) sushi with french fries in it
757) pickled fruit
758) nylon running gloves
759) edible christmas ornaments
760) headphones that turn into earbuds
761) vodka bottles shaped like water bottles
762) backpack that has no pockets
763) hat that has pockets
764) floss that doesn't cut off circulation to your fingers
765) salted fruit
766) vegetables dipped in chocolate
767) glow in the dark phone case
768) water fountains at gyms that are filled with gatorade
769) toothbrush with accelerometer that tracks your brushing habits over time
770) coffee cup that changes color depending on the temperature of the coffee
771) coffee flavored tablets that melt in your mouth for when you're in a rush
772) t-shirt made out of newspaper (print, not actual paper)
773) two sided fork
774) cell phone and wallet combination
775) app that takes 1 cent off your transactions and donates it to charity
776) jeans that zip from behind
777) zip up running shoes
778) google maps that gives you directions based on the least amount of trash
and other unsightly things
779) cordless earbuds
780) lollipop that freshens your breath
781) coffee for nighttime
782) chipotle for greek food
783) edible air freshener
784) sunglasses with side mirrors
785) steel toe running shoes
786) uber for garbage men
787) a book about books
788) sharpie that smells fruity
789) burrito with mac and cheese inside
790) colored contact lenses
791) dating app where you can only go out with a person if you've
gone out with one of their friends
792) pineapple that smells like pine and tastes like apple
793) phone case that's edible
794) tortilla chips that taste like burrito
795) ear coolers
796) spray bottle that has breath freshener in it
797) headphones that vibrate
798) tylenol soda
799) breakfast sushi
800) rectangular water bottle
801) trash can that compliments you when you put trash in it
802) security cameras with smiley faces on them
803) air conditioner that warms up when you say turn up the heat and vice versa
804) microwave that warms up the room (and doesn't kill everyone)
805) rain jacket that gets warmer the wetter it gets
806) an autobiography generator - then again, I guess it would be a biography
807) socks that vibrate
808) deodorant for your under-areas
809) a car horn that plays a loud annoying guitar riff
810) a barber that gives you a book of haircuts to choose instead
of just saying a little off the top etc
811) a music player that changes music depending on your pulse strength, rate, etc
812) a pill that quenches your thirst
813) hair gel that doubles as cologne
814) transparent cologne stickers that you can just stick on your skin
815) grilled carrots
816) burrito with african food
817) breakfast sushi
818) lightbulb that emits smells
819) a watch that literally tells you what time it is
820) a tie that ties itself
821) cereal bowl that separates the cereal and the milk
822) two sided spoon
823) spoon with a hole in it so it filters out the milk when you're
eating cereal
824) coffee cup that keeps your coffee at the perfect drinking temperature
825) rainy weather shoes that have extra traction
826) office chairs that have neck and back massagers
827) wooden doorhandle
828) mirror that only reflects certain colors
829) reflective running shoes
830) tissues that smell good
831) pita chips that have hummus inside them
832) mexican food flavored lollipops
833) advil bottle that compliments you before you take some
834) baseball hat that has a football team on it
835) tabasco for desserts
836) spicy desserts in general
837) balloon filled with air freshener
838) reflective reading glasses
839) sushi with french fries inside
840) clothing line where every piece just has the name of the
piece of clothing printed on it in big white letters
841) walnut brittle
842) sandals that you can wear in the rain
843) electric drum set
844) soda that's not carbonated
845) carbonated juice
846) clear lipstick
847) t shirt that changes colors every time it's washed
848) movie theatre for couples where each couple gets a private booth
849) edible action figures
850) umbrella hat, or just a waterproof hat
851) app that checks your happiness level on a scale of 1-10 throughout the day
852) weight loss coaching from your dog
853) water bottle with motivational words on them
854) an app that lets normal people carpool with food delivery runners
855) lightbulbs that get dimmer when they're about to die
856) luggage that gets picked up at your doorstep and gets sent to your destination
857) pre-toasted bread
858) bagels without the hole
859) socks with holes in the toes
860) a sock for your head
861) hair gel that colors your hair
862) hair gel that's edible
863) edible beanie babies
864) crystal light for food
865) water glass that's shaped like a water droplet
866) soda that tastes like water
867) socks that have built in toe warmers
868) socks that are waterproof
869) hearing aids that play music
870) frisbees for cats
871) netflix for music
872) netflix for cars
873) backpack that has a tv on the front
874) umbrella that is inverted
875) car boat hybrid
876) planes for the ocean
877) hat that has a clock on the front
878) church for atheists
879) self-warming pillow
880) haircut delivery
881) someone that comes to your house every morning and makes you coffee
882) hair salons that make your hair longer instead of shorter
883) self-cooling pillow
884) a hat that massages your head
885) different colored sunflowers
886) sugary sunflower seeds
887) instant coffee that doesn't taste like dirt
888) instant eggnog
889) uber for parties - they bring the party to you
890) tinder for things to do on lazy sundays
891) a site that recommends a book for you based on your mood
892) a sassy calendar app
893) vegetable juice that doesn't taste like vegetable juice
894) french fries made of something other than potato
895) leather umbrella
896) online dating for pets
897) online dating for pet owners but you can only see their pet photos
not pictures of themselves
898) online dating except it's not dating you just use it to find chill
friends to hang out with
899) poker except the winner gets to choose who has to permanently relocate to canada
900) artisanal fast food
901) beer that comes in gallon jugs
902) laundry detergent that smells like hot chocolate
903) airplanes where you lay down instead of sit in a chair
904) backpack with no straps... it just sticks to you
905) a chatroom exclusively for people who are having a headache
906) major league baseball except all the players are drunk
907) baseball hat that covers your ears
908) police officers that carry pool noodles instead of guns
909) cereal condiments
910) v necks... but for every letter in the alphabet
911) business incubator for restaurants
912) instant tea (powder instead of bags)
913) t shirt with a hood
914) denim socks
915) boxes not made out of cardboard
916) dating site that matches you based on what time you take a shower everyday
917) bicycle helmet with a flashlight on it
918) sunflower seeds with edible shells
919) anime for grandparents
920) a hat that has wifi
921) treadmill that dispenses a donut every 5K you run
922) dessert pasta
923) hawaii for cold weather
924) licorice that tastes fruity
925) twitter for toddlers
926) sausage company that teaches you german on the packaging
927) a magazine that gives you sparknotes on all the other magazines
928) cereal for lunch and dinner
929) scented socks
930) Amazon.com except you can only purchase things from the amazon rainforest
931) instead of food being delivered to you, you are delivered to the food
932) dessert popcorn
933) dipping popcorn
934) collared exercise shirts
935) dress clothes for exercising
936) a robot that you can argue with when you're stressed out
937) party foul police
938) mini golf, regular golf, and... huge golf
939) a bar called work. So you can say you're just going to work.
940) freelance cheerleaders that you can just hire for a day to cheer you on
941) coffee flavored candy
942) coffee flavored soda
943) blockbuster for household appliances
944) office chair that compliments you
945) getting married on a airline flight
946) stylish aprons for everyday wear
947) shoes for your hands
948) kale milkshake
949) americanized french fries
950) two sided iphone
951) beer in a plastic bottle
952) pretzels with sugar instead of salt
953) carbonated coffee
954) uber for baby deliveries/midwives
955) iced tea in capri-sun packets
956) paintings by dogs
957) pillows that vibrate
958) no bake brownies
959) benches that are made specifically for sleeping on
960) concrete trees
961) wigs for dogs
962) cold cocoa
963) sneeze stopper
964) cough blocker
965) nyquil lollipops
966) paintball except with delicious edible paint
967) indoor camping
968) diet s'mores
969) vibrating headphones
970) real gnomes
971) edible coffee mugs
972) chocolate dipped graham crackers
973) gummy bear that is the size of an actual bear
974) consultants for your life
975) sweet popcorn
976) flannel that is not plaid
977) funyun seasoning
978) vegetable chips
979) vegetable rings. like onion rings but for other vegetables
980) business jacket with a hoodie
981) palm tree garnish
982) coconut cereal
983) a bakery that doesn't sell bread
984) bread clothing
985) a train that you can ride for free if you dance the whole time
986) gym on a train
987) wallet made out of money
988) vegetarian chicken and waffles
989) trump wig
990) 4 wheeled bike
991) sparknotes for movies
992) chocolate snow cone
993) chocolate covered toast
994) ice cubes made out of frozen coffee
995) indian french fusion
996) grapefruit soda
997) combination between a grape and a grapefruit
998) edible books
999) vanilla brownies
1000) vanilla candy bar
1001) goodreads for movies
1002) dating website that matches you based on music interests
1003) headphones that you can sleep with
1004) TV that you can remote control to move it up, down, etc
1005) anonymous blogging platform
1006) e-cig that doesn't create vapor
1007) a site to connect unemployed people to volunteer opportunities
1008) jacket with ventilation holes
1009) running shoes covered in tarp to make them waterproof
1010) massaging office chairs
1011) post-its that are sticky on both sides
1012) TED talks hosted by criminals
1013) ramen dessert
1014) Kanye West virtual reality simulator
1015) crunchy gum
1016) microwave except instead of heating, it cools
1017) sushi -> replace rice with noodles
1018) vegetarian gelatin
1019) pet dancing classes
1020) backpack with a built-in umbrella
1021) transparent sandals
1022) aerobed chairs
1023) tuxedo swimsuit
1024) non-animated anime
1025) coffee that makes you sleepy
1026) multi-color bananas
1027) chairs that are made to sit cross-legged on
1028) pet dancing classes
1029) elderly computer programming classes
1030) electronic blackboard
1031) finger warmers
1032) running gloves
1033) plaid pants
1034) cup-pies (as opposed to cupcakes)
1035) parking under city streets
1036) commute to work in a helicopter and avoid traffic
1037) protein gum
1038) caffeine jelly beans
1039) pens with edible ink
1040) dishwasher that burns off food instead of using water
1041) pill you can swallow that makes you feel full
1042) e-book reader that has a hardcover like a book
1043) device that projects gps directions onto your windshield
1044) fried spaghetti
1045) battered and fried vegetables to eat at sports games
1046) protein water
1047) baseball except you can tackle people
1048) a bar where everyone has to sit on the floor
1049) schoolbuses that are not yellow
1050) homeless person virtual reality simulator
1051) beaches with no ocean
1052) shampoo/body wash line that smells like candy
1053) four wheel scooter
1054) nylon baseball cap
1055) soft bite size pretzels in a bag
1056) electronic legal pad
1057) caramel peanut butter (reeses?)
1058) drones that can carry passengers
1059) shoes that dry themselves while you're running
1060) oven that heats and cools
1061) macaroni and cheese salad
1062) peanut butter and celery sandwich
1063) phone case made of rubber to resist impact damage
1064) a refrigerator that locks when it's not time to eat
1065) carbonated tea
1066) dessert lasagna
1067) soundcloud for sound effects
1068) youtube for free indie movies
1069) airbnb except guests don't pay with cash, they cook for you
1070) DJ Khaled dog toy
1071) drink glasses with built in straws
1072) vibrating pillows
1073) spill shield for cup holders in cars
1074) hydrating gummy bears for athletes
1075) wallet that smells like fruit
1076) sweet peanut butter
1077) peanut butter flavored crackers
1078) edible straws
1079) skin colored socks
1080) running socks made of polyester
1081) slippers that massage your feet
1082) mobile ice bath
1083) sunscreen that smells fruity
1084) flavored ink
1085) trees that broadcast wifi/cellular signals
1086) shoes that have foot warmers in them
1087) plaid socks
1088) gas station that sells healthy food
1089) escalator for your house
1090) bubble gum flavored gatorade
1091) gum that helps you quit marijuana
1092) recycled jeans
1093) electronic office chair for reclining/lowering/etc
1094) melatonin lollipop
1095) tea popsicles
1096) coffee flavored soda
1097) running shoes that yell motivational things while you run
1098) lightbulbs that change color depending on time of day (see f.lux)
1099) sweet and sour spaghetti sauce
1100) baked potatoes for 4/20
1101) no flex zone - a gym that does not allow flexing
1102) electric ukelele
1103) rainbow whipped cream
1104) hair gel that dissolves after 12 hours
1105) vegetable pie
1106) fruity brownies
1107) dessert burrito
1108) book club podcast
1109) antibacterial doorknobs
1110) laundry bag that neutralizes odor
1111) belt that clicks like a seatbelt
1112) christian rap music
1113) electric piano
1114) otc pain reliever patch
1115) electronic ear plugs that play white noise
1116) homeless shelter that provides sleeping pods instead of housing
1117) put vitamins in the water supply
1118) pods full of cleaning fluid that you put in the toilet basin,
and they dissolve over time to clean your toilet
1119) tinted mirrors
1120) running jeans
1121) drones that deliver meals
1122) pre-toasted bread
1123) baseball hat that has the home team on the outside and away on the inside
1124) silent vacuum
1125) juice boxes filled with tea
1126) running sombrero
1127) zero calorie chips
1128) dehydrated vegetable chips
1129) electronic kaleidoscope
1130) bed that rotates 360 degrees
1131) zip up t-shirt
1132) edible floss
1133) backpack w/ velcro instead of zippers
1134) citrus licorice
1135) sweet cheetos
1136) lemon gum
1137) umbrella hat
1138) goosebumps tv show revival
1139) rice infused with vitamins
1140) zero dollar bill
1141) e-book reader made out of paper with two separate screens, like a book
1142) caffeine lollipops
1143) headphones that are shaped like ears
1144) heavy metal with pianos
1145) virtual reality LARPing
1146) programming language for animals
1147) sandals that don't have a top, they just stick to your feet
1148) rice cream sundae
1149) t shirt you can put on without messing up your hair
1150) a book about books
1151) a quiet, soundproof room in the city that costs $5/hr
1152) thing that you can strap to your lower back to support good posture
1153) air filled couch. like aerobed
1154) Here are some ideas:
1155) 1 hour emergency condoms/sextoys delivery
1156) The barber review
1157) Take me home: "bodyguard" as a service
1158) The brothels review
1159) Casting news
1160) CV Bot
1161) A raw data marketplace
1162) An e-paper programmable card
1163) Fat programmer, the videogame
1164) Follow me luggage
1165) IKEA personal shopper
1166) Let's build a website together!
1167) Lost babies tattoo (or bracelet)
1168) Luxury news for rich people
1169) Use a color to make phishing hard
1170) Holidays with no technology
1171) Survive the office: a manual
1172) Photos of secret places
1173) A predefined messages keyboard for mobile
1174) The idea number 0, the prototype for all other ideas
1175) Pay 9.99$ / month to reiceive a random vynil LP
1176) Sandwiches recipe app
1177) Shutdown app for smartphones
1178) Sideprojects cemeterey, marketplace for dead sideprojects
1179) Technology personal shopper
1180) Tourist guide on demand for travel tips
1181) An Uber for simple tech support
1182) Vegan food/restaurants/lifestyle review
1183) Your vegetables garden app
1184) Play videogames meetup platform
1185) Visual dictionary based on Google Images API
1186) We make your bed service
1187) Anxiety coach


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